Apple’s WWDC 2020 Highlight

Apple is the most favorite technology brand of almost every person. Like every year, in 2020 we are going to discuss the keynotes of a lockdown edition of Apple’s WWDC20. Most importantly the apple’s transition to the IOS 14 and Apple Silicon is going to turn the table. This year they announced everything virtually from the empty Apple park. Apples show the new feature updates for all the device like iOS, MacOS, and watchOS. So, we will start with the software update.

Software iOS 14:

  • Widget View:

We can say that introduction of ios14 is actually looking like it is inspired by Samsung. Well, we have nothing to do with it. In this new software, you are going to have the widget gallery home screen grids and widgets for photos, podcasts, and many more. You will have the widget gallery that will make you enable to swipe different widgets like notes, fitness, and many others. In our words, it is the smart stack that is going to provide the continuous event notifications and of course the news in the morning.

  • Home screen Grid:

The home screen grid view will make you get the categorized view of all apps. You will be able to find the apps quickly from the search bar. Apart from it, you are going to enjoy the continuous picture of the picture feature. As far as Siri is concerned, it is also updated. It has got the UI refresh. It is now smarter to provide the information fast.

  • Translation App:

A new translation app is something big that can work even when you are offline by keeping your privacy. It translates the texts in almost 11 different languages. You can also get a translation of a speech by this standalone app. Hand in hand, Siri is also updated enough to understand more languages.

  • Apple Maps:

This section of the new Apple smartphone is also updated. They announced that they are going to rebuild the Ireland and UK maps. There will be better road information, precise addresses, cycling options, pedestrian data, and elevation information. You will also get alerts about the busy and quiet roads.

  • Messages update:

For the messages app, there are different updates like in-line replies, pinned messages, mentions and other features close to the WhatsApp’s features. You can get alerts when new photos are added or someone mentioned to you. Memoji is also having new face masks and stickers.

  • Digital NFC Car Keys:

Digital NFC car keys are also integrated with the partnership with BMW. You can on or off your key with your phone or iCloud. I think this something really attractive about this new software.

  • EV Navigation:

It is updated with the info charging stations for Ford and BMW. You can use it for different purposes.

WatchOS 7:

Apple mainly focused on the complexity of the WathOS7. In this manner, they have added the many complications in almost every single app. For example, if you are checking the weather on the apple watch, you will also get information about temperature. So, it is the UV index in the watch. You can avail of the watch face sharing feature. In this condition, you are able to send the watch face with all the complications to your contacts and or in the Apple store.

Maps are also updated like they are in the ios14. You will get to know about cycling paths and elevations. As we know that there was the workout calculation feature. But, now they have updated it with dancing workout tracking. It can also track other activities like strength training and walking etc. Well, it has something more appealing and that is the sleep tracking feature. The wind-down feature helps to achieve the sleep goals and also updates you about Covid-19 news.


All of the iPhone features are also launched in the iPadsOS14. You will get all the features like Siri, widgets, home screen organization, and map updates. But, for iPad, the screen is larger so the music app is redesigned with the full-screen player feature. The annoying notifications that were used to cover the screen are now ended. Apple pencil is the biggest update of IpadOS14. It is integrated with Scribble that can convert the handwriting into the texts.

AirPods Pro:

It is the biggest news for all the people who have switched their AirPods to the Pros. First of all, they have made it easy to switch from one device to another. Suppose you are moving from iPhone to Mac, it will be automatically flip back. Apart from this easy switching, they have introduced the spatial audio, 3D audio modes.

Apple Silicon:

Apple is now turned the game by the transition of Apple’s own ARM-powered silicon hips. It will make an apple to perform outclass and best of its type. You are going to have a whole new level of performance. It will work by lowering the battery and avoid the overheating of the battery. They also mentioned that Apple has been working on silicon chips for decades and finally they are successful to have it. It will give the performance per watt. This was the very first time that they are going to introduce the Mac with the silicon chip instead of Intel.

tvOS 14:

Apple made it clear that they are working on gaming. They are trying to make the apple games more personal. It has made it easier to add the new players and support is being given to the Xbox Elite. Like all the other Apple devices, it has the picture in picture mode too. You will be continued even if you are checking the apps.

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