Apple’s Quick Move; Addition of A Secret Button To Your iPhones 

During the official rollout of iOS 14, the biggest ever news was revealed that your iPhone is going to have a brand new secret button on your iPhones. If you are thinking of a physical button as it thought once then you are wrong. Apple did not sneak into your phone and added the secret physical button. Well, it happened during iOS 14 release the latest software version of iPhones that have a new feature Back Tap.

It adds the new appealing feature of a button that clearly blurs the line between software and hardware. It allows you to double or triple the tab on the back of your iPhones to perform different tasks. We can say that it is the non-physical button that can be enabled by going to the settings of the phone. 

For enabling the back tap, go to accessibility and then scroll down to see the Back Tap. After selecting this feature, choose the double-tap, and assign the specific functions to perform. You can choose the function according to your priority. Suppose if you take screenshots frequently, you can assign that function to double-tap. Once the task is assigned, your task will be performed every time you will double tap on the back of your iPhone. This was the function assigned to double-tap. 

They have something more, the triple tap function. So, choose a different option for a triple tap. You can choose different options like Lock Screen, Home, App Switcher, Mute, Shake, Spotlight, Volume Down, Volume Up, Siri, Reachability, Notification Center, and Control Center. If you use the custom shortcuts, you can add them to your back tap functions. Back tap options can work for the lock screen to the home screen and also within the apps.  

There is nothing more comforting than your device being compatible with iOS 14. Here are the different devices that are compatible with this new feature: iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. You can see that the wide range of iPhones is compatible with the back tap. 

It is really fascinating that you can perform the required task within one tap. It is the tool of limitless creativity that will let all the users come up with different ideas to get the advantage of this non-physical button. This is also an extreme level of control that is almost a different and unexpected thing for iOS devices.

It is really unthinkable that you will just command your phone to do something with just one tap. That is one step next to the extreme level. No doubt we have seen speaking up to the Google Assistant to text or call someone we want to. But, the Back tap option is totally new for all the iPhones. It works well and whatever Apple does, it is for the benefit of the customers and it works efficiently. 

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