Apple MagSafe Price Release- Launch Date still Pending!

Pomp and color will always accompany iPhone series’ releases. This time, it is the launch of the MagSafe Duo iPhone 12 accessory. According to reports, preorders are already coming in as Apple loyalists try to secure their gadgets of some of the most recent Apple products. One of the things that make this producer a leading manufacturer is its ability to make quality gadgets. These products not only last but also earn the owner some prestige.
It is not strange to have Apple products cost you quite a fortune. This latest to be launched gadget conforms to this practice. The MagSafe Duo will cost you a staggering $129. The charger is already registering preorders even before it is launched. You can preorder at There are different payment plans you can utilize for your preorder.
There is a one off payment method you could utilize by paying $129. Alternatively, you could pay $10.75 per month. This plan lets you make the monthly payments for a year. The charger can charge two Apple products simultaneously. You could charge your iPhone 12 and use the same charger to get your Apple Watch’s battery full.

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Cost out, Release date not yet out
Ideally, you’d expect the release date to precede the cost. Well, in this case, Apple chose to do the opposite. Perhaps it was a tactical move which may fuel anticipation. And, when the launch date arrives, perhaps the device will be received in a ceremony not experienced before.
As individuals continue to place their preorders, the release date stays a secret known by those responsible for the launch in Apple. At the moment, some of the most expensive Apple chargers go not beyond $79. The rise to $129 is a clear indication there are advanced and additional features included in the production of the MagSafe Duo charger.
Other than fine features, the product will retail in four shades. One or two of these colors is/are probably your favorite. Apart from blue and red colors, you will have pink and brown colors. This gives the users the freedom to have the charger of their choice. In addition to the different colors, you’ll have a pocket space to keep some of your most fragile items like a debit/credit card.
Furthermore, you will get a wrist strap. Tiny as the charger might be, you realize it comes with additional features you’ll love. In the end, you will realize Apple was right to tag the charger at $129. From its features, the quoted price lets you enjoy value for money.

Apple has so many loyal and die-hard fans. For that reason, there will be so much anticipation for as long as the release date is not made public and the launch is not forthcoming. That is why most of these loyalists keep tabs especially with the Apple pages to check whether the release date has been released. Once the release happens, Apple loyalists will be more relaxed as they will now know when they will have their MagSafe chargers in their hands.

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