Another Git Win! OpenJDK to GitHub!

At the beginning of September, GitHub united with the OpenJDK community. The partnership came true courtesy of Skara’s change of developer. According to, the Open Java Development Kit (OpenJDK) is a critical building block of the Java programming language and a favorite of the GitHub community. Since the initial release of the OpenJDK project in 2007, there have been around 16 subsequent releases. This is a clear indication of the great effort developers are putting up to see the project evolve.

The Open Java Development Kit (OpenJDK)

Click here for more information about the project: The link is your path to free lessons on using the kit; download it, and get details on what the project is all about. It is possible to hack using the kit too. The OpenJDK mainline development is now on the list of pinned repositories alongside Valhalla, loom, jfx, amber, and jmc.

When you click this link:, you’ll be directed to the OpenJDK access area, which comes with instructions. There is a read online option as well as Html and markdown versions to guide you. All this is in an attempt to make it easy to understand the project.

The OpenJDK Migration

Making this move for the OpenJDK to GitHub was not a walk in the park. According to Martin Woodward, this is one of the posts uploaded on GitHub’s site on Sep. 30. He goes ahead to say a custom Command Line Interface (CLI) tooling. In addition to this, there are more advanced migration tools used to make this true. A bug tracking system was also adopted in the process. Together, all these processes made the migration a success.

Time matters when carrying out such a critical process. The Open Java Development Kit community had been working on the Skara project for a while. Leading the collaboration was the Oracle-based Java Platform Group which ensured everything went on smoothly.

It is important to note that the project relied on Mercurial servers for hosting. After the migration, this changed completely. It is safe to say the whole project, the team of developers, and the community at large were all excited to join the GitHub space. The receiving team and community were also excited to welcome the incoming team.

Additional Project

GitHub is home to a myriad of projects. The life-changing developments ensure the coding world continues to advance and disrupt the tech world. The addition of the OpenJDK project means GitHub gets another project to boast of.

This migration forms part of history. The project is Java written and joins a list of projects written in the same language. Some of the other ongoing projects include Apache Spar, Helidon, and Maven. There are more thriving projects on GitHub. With time, we may see more projects pull an OpenJDK by joining the GitHub. As Java continues to dominate in terms of popularity when it comes to the coding language of choice, time will tell how many Java written languages will keep coming up.


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