Android authority is an online journal that provides regular updates to Android followers. The online diary is represented in a number of forms. There is a website, blog, YouTube channel, and social media platforms. Both represent the same organization and have a similar mission. The team is a collection of tech bloggers, seasoned reviewers, great producers, and developers too. This diverse team gives Android Authority a strong online representation.

Services On Offer

Android Authority is all about Android products and services. This platform lets Android lovers stay updated on the latest Android developments. The team’s experienced tech bloggers share all the information you need and do so in simple writing. Creativity defines their work. Besides, they give details you’ll find nowhere else.

Tech products come with their fair share of technical problems. During such moments, you will likely get frustrated if your issue is not resolved. These bloggers write simple help guides on how to use your Android devices. Besides, they provide tips you can employ to sort your challenges.

When new releases come, specific shops are set as destinations for purchases. This happens as only a limited amount of devices are manufactured then. During this time, fanatics badly want to acquire these devices and go on record as the first to do so. This is information readily available and one can find out where to find the latest releases on the Android Authority platform.


Audience Attraction Mechanism

Getting traction online is not the easiest of things to accomplish. However, if you employ the right tactics, it is possible. For a platform like the Android Authority, the goal is to provide information to Android’s audience. Whether these people dwell online or not. Achieving this needs tact and skill.

One way the platform attracts people is through giveaways. At the moment, there are different brands of smartphones on giveaway offers. All you need to do is go to Once at the website, navigate the site and find the giveaway of your choice. Enter the draw and wait for your chance.

These entries are competitive with hundreds of thousands participating. That way, the Android authority site can easily gain more traction online. As these people look for their devices of choice, the platform is able to pass the information and educate these people. Once the winner of a giveaway is determined, his/her picture holding his device is uploaded on the site.

Who wouldn’t want that type of recognition? The wish to win a giveaway and get posted on the site invites many to engage the site. That way, the Android Authority platform is able to gain traction with ease.

Also listed on the page are other android enable devices from different brands. This advisory is beneficial to Android users. They get all the details needed to make sound decisions.


Comparison with other sites in the field

It is important to recognize the competition Android Authority is facing from other operating systems with a similar platform. This is a content marketing strategy Android is effecting. Today’s clients want all the information there is available to make a purchase. The Android authority works to ensure the client is well advised. The challenge is availability of other OS’ offering similar products and advisory.

With the giveaways on, Android has managed to beat off some competition. The informer also provides quality advisory and that keeps it on top of the rest. Most clients also relate well with the brand, therefore, they offer their loyalty.


Website Experience is the name of the website. Web developers and designers know how important a website is to the existence of an organization. It is the first stop of a searching client. In the world of technology, everybody runs to the internet first to search for information when looking for anything. This means, your site must be optimized for you to increase your conversion rate.

The Android Authority has a fine website. The bright colored theme makes it easy to the eye. Besides, it is identical to the colors people associate with the brand. Therefore, the background color reminds the client of the Android they know.

The look, feel, and touch of a site shapes much. The touch is excellent as well as the look and feel. Scrolling downwards will allow you to see the devices on offer. The top right of the page is a menu bar. On opening, this bar gives a list of options to explore.

Top of the list is the News option. Here, you get the latest updates on Android and Android devices. Just below the News bar is Reviews. You already know the impact of reviews in today’s world. They give you a rough idea of what the product is all about. Reviews give the client an opportunity to share their experience with the product. From these experiences, you can tell whether this device suits you or not.

The site also advises on the best options you can get. Games, deals, and android features that can benefit you are also listed on the site. The website gives the user an easy and amazing experience. Besides, it is mobile friendly.



The Android Authority in itself is a supporting platform. It offers information about all you need to know on Android products. This support is critical from purchasing to the usage of these devices. Besides, it comes in handy when your device experiences any technical challenges. With proper support, you can be confident of sorting any problems you may face.



Android authority is just what Android users need. The information available on this platform and the devices on display is very educational. You get to know what are the best options for you besides other opportunities like the giveaways. Android updates come in regularly and this platform avails that information as soon as it is out. This timeliness is another plus. The site used to display this information is user and mobile-friendly as well as easy to navigate. Everything about this platform is just right. With the millions engaged with the site, it is clear the platform is on the right track.    

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