Android apps that every Student should have

We all want to be something in this life. We strive to become as great as the people we hear about when we’re kids. We already decide on our careers before we even know what said career entails. We struggle, and after many years, we achieve this, but it isn’t that easy. The years of being a student are the hardest. Students have to juggle many responsibilities and keep up with impossible deadlines. Students usually get erratic sleep patterns that affect their daily work. 

As the world changes and becomes more advanced, the workload on students is now more than ever. Luckily, these same modern technologies can ease the load. Engineering students no longer have to hold long drawing paper rolls because all their drawings can be saved on their computers. Art students can get access to color rules and blending techniques without having to refer to old books. Even medical students have their burdens eased with modern technologies—most of these helping hands exist on smartphones.

Smartphones pack enough processing power to outclass some computers. This power is put to use every day and can be channeled into a student’s school life to ease the workload. Simply having a proper reminder and alarm system to make sure you don’t oversleep or miss a deadline is enough to ease a student. Couple that with some handy learning apps and other apps that promote healthy learning, and you get an easier school life.

In this article, I have compiled a list of some awesome apps that are perfect for students. Regardless of your course of study, these android apps will help every student in one way or the other to make learning a less tedious task for you.

Any. Do

This is a daily planner app and personally one of my favorite on this list, with Any. Do students can easily schedule their day with color-coded tasks, checklists, and reminders, all from the comfort of their beds. Any. Do syncs up with Google assi4and even Amazon Echo so you can set reminders across all your devices from one phone. Any. Do also has a section for you to keep quick notes during classes and study sessions. With these notes, you can set appropriate reminders when you are less busy. 

Chegg Books

This is an android app that lets students get their hands on study material at discount prices. With Chegg Booke, you can buy or even rent physical and digital books at far lower prices than you could ever find in a traditional book store. This app allows you to sell older books at the end of a learning session so you can have some extra cash for upkeep or your next books. Cheggs doesn’t stop at just books because you can use this app to buy apparatus and other school supplies.


Kahoot is a customizable study aid app for students. This app gives its users flashcards, quizzes, learning games, and study guides for all grade levels, including several medical and scientific terms. Kahoot! Lets you make target specific flashcards and custom practice tests with both audio and images. Another awesome feature of this app is that it can be used to interact with other users. This makes Kahoot the perfect tool for group study sessions.


Grammarly is a spell checker that is renowned worldwide for being more than just a regular spell checker. Grammarly can be used for checking grammar, spelling, and proper word use before submitting your final paper. Grammarly was even used to write this article. It is a powerful correction tool that can be synced with all your devices to ensure your work is written correctly to avoid costly spelling and grammar mistakes. With the Grammarly mobile keyboard, you can use these awesome spells checking features in emails and chat messages. Proper grammar is essential as it gives you an Aura of superiority.


It is a great app for Proper citations. With this app, you can easily make citations and bibliographies for research papers. Mendeley has a huge database with over 6000 style formats, including MLA, APA, IEEE, AMA, and Chicago. The app helps you to annotate documents as you research, including PDFs, with both highlighters and sticky notes. Mendeley has an offline mode so that you can work when away from the internet.

Graphing calculator

A Graphing calculator is a scientific calculator replica for mobile devices. It is a digital calculator designed to support everything from square roots to binary and hexadecimal numbers. With this calculator, you can create charts and tables to match your work. With the math assistant feature, you get a digital helper that walks you through processes and math terms to grasp the material better as you study. 


Offtime is digital well-being, too, that lets you concentrate your energy on what’s important. With this app, you can stay focused on homework and other school assignments by locking down the biggest distraction apps during study hours. Offtime stops you from using social media apps, text or instant messaging programs, or song lists that tend to be extra tempting while doing homework. With offtime, only apps like the scientific calculator or Grammarly are available for use.

Study Music

Study music, as the name suggests, is a nice AOL that lets you concentrate. As they say, music is food for the soul, and the songs in these apps are designed to help with memory and concentration, which is an excellent way to retain facts while studying. Most of the songs contain alpha waves and nature sounds to relax background noise during a study session to help you focus or at the end of the day to help you relax and sleep better.


When school becomes too stressful and emotionally burdened, you can resort to this app to find leer support. With TalkLife, you have an avenue to vent or share feelings about life’s stresses in a safe place where others, facing the same challenges, can empathize and support you. In this kind of society, you can improve your own mental health and function better.

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