AirPods Pro

Apple is famous for inventing products that make the world go crazy for them. No one can deny it, from iPhone to AirPods Pro Apple company is appealing to people all over the world. Just imagine the best pair of iPhone and AirPods pro. These are the latest wireless pods that are claimed to be more comfortable than other headphones, mainly due to its compact design. Some people may think that they are going to pay a massive amount just for AirPods. But, we all know that Apple is the most expensive brand, and most wanted one too.

Quick Overview of AirPods Pro

  1. AirPods Pro was introduced on 30 October 2019. 
  2. They cost almost $249. 
  3. The weight of AirPods pro is just 5.4g, and the case weighs 45.6 g.
  4. The model number of this product is AirPods Pro, which is IPX4 waterproof. 
  5. The dimension of AirPods Pro is 21.8 X 30.9mm. 
  6. The dimension of the charging case is 60.6 X 45.2mm. 


But, all of you will be curious to know what is new in these AirPods Pro? So, Let’s move to the basic features of AirPods Pro.

 Features of AirPods Pro

 Wireless earbuds

The AirPods are at the top of success, not because they are the first wireless earbuds. But, because they are providing better sounds quality. These are more advanced now. When you take it out form the case, the Airpods automatically switch on. They instantly connect to your iPhone. They are effortless and easy to pair. This connection is robust. Even when you take the earbud out, the songs pause. As soon as you put them back in the case, they switch off. The size of the case is very compatible and small enough to fit in your pocket. There is a magnetic snap that helps your earbuds to provide in their slots. 


 Smart Design

The design of AirPods Pro is improved and smarter now. First of all, look at the design of the case. The case is shorter and somehow more extensive as compared to other cases. It also has a wireless charging spot for the earbuds. So, it would help if you always went for the wireless charging earbud case. Well, it is bigger now and can fit in your pocket. The magnetic latch helps to easy the opening and closing of the case. 

Now come to the design of earbuds, the stem of Airpods is shorter than ever. This shorter stem helps you to keep a right balance. It also helps you to keep the earbuds in your ears. The most noticed feature is the presence of silicon tips in front of each earbud. The rubber or foam front of earbuds cause the problem to the ear canal and seal it while silicon tip improves the bass response and helps to block the noise. The earbuds are so light that you put it and cannot tell if they are in or not? But this can be a problem too. In the situation when you lose one, you remain unaware that you have lost them. It takes some time to become used to it. You can use it to pause or skip the song. 

Better Sound Quality

Apple claimed to improve the sound quality in these AirPods Pro. These are named as Pro because these are best earbud launched by Apple company. However, these are not much improved that professionals can use it. However, they still sound good. The silicon chips help to block the outside noise and produce better bass. All the sounds are equally balanced no matter it is pop, rock, classical, hip hop, and podcasts. It works to equalize all sounds.  

Noise Ignoring

Noise-canceling is the excellent move of Apple. It is not only the attempt of Apple; Sony has also tried it. But, in the AirPods Pro, people are experiencing sound-canceling in reality. It is best to ignore the sounds that move from low to high frequency. So, if you are using it, it will automatically ignore traffic sounds, train sound, dishwasher sound, and other loud, noisy sounds. In simple words, the job of Apple is impressive. 

Battery Life

When your Airpods Pro is fully charged, you can use it for 24 hours. It is not always essential that you have to use them in noise-canceling mode; you can use them as usual. When you switch off the noise-canceling mode, you save more battery life. Well, the charging case also causes a problem at any time. You cannot get the exact idea of how much battery or Charging is left in the charging case. To check how much battery is gone, you have to check inside the Airpods charging case. Otherwise, the LED always shows a green color or amber. You are unable to get an early warning about the dead battery situation. It would help if you had to charge your case twice a week. 


 Perks of Airpoda Pro

  • They are more comfortable than other versions. 
  • More Compact and easy to put in your pocket. 
  • Easy to Fit in the ear due to shorter stem and silicon tips. 
  • Wireless Charging is an appealing feature. 
  • Better sounds quality is a good perk. 
  • Best noise-canceling feature and sound transparency. 
  • A shorter stem to make it fit in the ear. 

 Cons of AirPods Pro

  • Much more expensive than the other rivals.
  • Not fit appropriately during a workout.
  • The style is still not good
  • Charging problem

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