3D Printers

What are 3d Printers?

We all know about the simple printers. But, with time, new things are introduced in the printing market and 3d printers are one of them. Well, most of us do not know much about them. 3d printer is a type of material design printer that is used to build and design things. It is also known as additive manufacturing, which means the one that makes three-dimensional solid objects designs. It allows us to make complex shapes and layered structures. 

The digital models are converted into physical objects. It does not use any special tool for working. Design the three-dimensional designs by creating the prototypes and creating the end products by aided design. The prototypes can be created by using 3d software and other patterns. The designs are created by creating the layer by layers designs according to the required patterns. The layers are placed and cut by different cut off tools and other tools. Well, let’s have a complete overview of 3d printers. 

How do 3d Printers work?

The working of 3d printers starts with the 3D models’ formation. You can make it yourself or can download it from another platform as well. If you want to create yourself you can use different apps, 3D scanners, devices or other manufacturing tools. There are many 3d modeling software or tools available which are available freely. As far as the principle of 3d printers is concerned, it based on the conversion of a digital model into physical three-dimensional structures or things. It is done by adding layers at a time. It is different from traditional subtractive and injection modeling.

There is no need for special tools required for 3D printing, the parts of objects are manufactured by placing a layer over layer on the built-in platform and finally the structure or shape is completed. It starts with the blueprints and then the slicing of blueprints is formed by the software. The set of instructions causes the turning of these blueprints into the physical objects. However, the working process of printers also varies. For example, the FDM printers work by melting the plastic films then place layers while Industrial SLS machines use the laser to melt the thin layers of material. Printers take about 4 to 18 hours to complete the whole process but it depends upon their size and type. However, they can take more time for additional processes.

What are they used for?

For Designers:

Designers can use these 3D printers for making the product designs. They are used to making quick product designs. They can make the design of shoes, households, furniture, and cast for making the jewelry. These are also used extensively for making the toys, gifts and other tools as well. It is a very easy and quick option for designers.

For Students:

3D printers are best for students to bring their imaginations into practical work. Instead of being the listeners and viewers they can use it to bring the physical appearances of different things. These printers help them to better understand their course. These are best for making students creative and sharp. Sometimes, it becomes very difficult for the students to understand the three-dimensional structures so they need to see the printed objects into the physical form. There are many objects in physics, the three-dimensional formulas in chemistry, graphic designs, auto class printed structures, biological structures and many more which are easy to understand by using these 3D printers.

For industrialists:

This is the biggest use of 3D printers and of course, they are extensively used in the industries to make 5the prototypes and testing the custom parts of different products. They are more common uses in the manufacturing of custom parts of cars and airplanes. They are also used to make dental tools and other medical tools as well. They are also popular among the fashion gurus and all the fashion icons who want to get their unique designs. These are also helpful for the architectures to make the best blueprints of their buildings and projects. Well, these are gaining prominence day by day.                                                                                                                                                                   

Advantages of 3D printers:

Ease of Geometric Complexity:

Complex shapes are very difficult to manufacture by other processes but it is very easy by the 3D printers. The additive nature of the printers makes it possible to make the structures of appealing and complex objects at a very low cost. It makes it possible to get what you want for your fabrication. The cost and work of complex parts formation by these 3D printers is the same as the manufacturing of simple parts by other printers.

Low-cost startup:

Other techniques and printers need some specific molds and casting materials They also need additional software and custom tools. When all these things have added the price of the process becomes very high and not affordable for everyone. While in 3D printers there is no need for specialized tools and all you need is the amount of material used. So, it is affordable for everyone.

Customization of each detail:

The customized design and size is the need of each person. Well, 3D printers are good at this point. They make every design well customize and details are clear. Every time you want to need the design you just need to change the 3D digital model. You go with the need of the customer.


Popular brand 3d Printers:

If you are interested to purchase the 3D printers, you can get the 3D printers of the following popular brands: –

  • Ultimate 2+
  • MakerBot Replicator +
  • XYZprinting da Vinci Mini
  • LulzBot Mini
  • FlashForge Creator Pro 2017
  • LulzBot Taz6 
  • CubePro Trio

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