2021 Second Quarter Events to watch out for!

Technology is one of the most dynamic careers in the world. It is a practical science and art. That is the reason you need practical skills to do well in it. With the changes happening every minute, you have to stay updated, or else you’ll be left behind with nothing to show. For that reason, technocrats, organizations, tech schools, and other enthusiasts organize tech events to updates people on the latest in tech.

You can learn, or teach in these events. Or, it could be that opportunity you’ve been waiting for to show your ideas. Consequently, it could change your life forever. We bring you a comprehensive list of events and dates they’re planned to occur. Pick those that interest you and start preparing as early as now. You can be sure to gain and learn much about tech.


The April events will be of short notice if you start to prepare now. But, you have nothing to lose as the events are mostly held online. For instance, the AI in Finance & Insurance Summit (check; https://www.re-work.co/summits/london-ai-summit-september-2020), will be held between 15 April 2021. You can click the link to register for the summit to be held in London. The likes of Amazon, Google, Paypal, AXA, and other leading corporates will be there. There’s so much to learn about finance and insurance.

Another significant event to attend will be the Leeds Digital Festival, and which will be held virtual on 19th April 2021. The event is expected to last about a week with attendants treated to a tech experience they will never forget. Click the following link for more details: https://leedsdigitalfestival.org/. The THWACK Camp event held in London will also feature on the 28th, and closes our list of April events. There are more tech events taking place this month you can find out about.


The GlueX virtual event will start our list of tech events happening in May. It will start on the 4th and end on the 5th. You can click the following link for more details: https://www.gluex.co/. The annual event has a lot in store for attendants and you can be sure to walk away with goodies too. Such rewards are ones to look up for and prepare to be the best for consideration. Almost a week later, on 12th May, the Evolve Technology Conference will be happening in Las Vegas. Check for details here: https://evolvetechconference.com/. The event will be centered on IT solutions for the future and current challenges. It is basically about the evolution of technology and this means growth in thinking and advancements in the making of tech solutions.

To close our list of three select events happening in May 2021 is the Internet of manufacturing event. It will happen online and all the tickets can be reserved at https://www.manufacturingx0.com/. The date of the event is the 24th and this is the fifth edition. Be sure to walk away with amazing ideas.


This will mark the end of the second quarter of 2021. We have three selected events you do not want to miss out on. The first will be held on the first day of June 2021, title Code Conference. The venue will be in Beverly Hills, CA, but you can get more details about logistics here: https://voxmediaevents.com/code2021. Mind you it’s an annual invitation-only event and that’s why you need to bring your best game forward to earn that invitation. This event is worth your time and you can be sure much about the role of tech in our new reality. With such knowledge, you can create current tech solutions and that address today’s challenges amicably.

On 17th June, the Dublin Tech Summit will take place virtually. The goal of the event is to assemble the best tech brains to think and deliberate about the future of tech. click this link for more information: https://dublintechsummit.tech/. The Connected Insurance USA closes our list for June events. It will be held virtually as well. The date of the event is the 22nd of June and the theme will be the future of insurance. The two-day event is a Reuters’ event and one to prepare for. Click this link for more: https://www.reutersevents.com/events/connectedusa/?utm_source=INS+Website&utm_source=Bizzabo&utm_medium=Event+Listing+2020&utm_medium=Event+Listing&utm_campaign=5054&utm_campaign=5090.

That marks the end of our list of select events to take place in the second quarter of 2021. Be sure to enjoy the events and come back for more line-ups in the future.


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