Byte – a tiktok clone / competitor from Vine?

Vine, we all know the name. It was a popular video-sharing app (if you missed that for some reason).It was gone. Stopped the operation in January 2017. You can read the details here.

Let’s not go into detail what happened with vine. But it is back, you like it or not, it is back. With a new name BYTE

But Tiktok has already become popular in lots of places. Especially in low demand markets like India. As TikTok has created its space, so is there a place for new app which has exact same purpose here?

And Vine was the same concept, TikTok is the same concept, and this new one is same concept, also there are Snapchat and a lot more. So do we need this one? And also the creator of vine, could not come up with some other thing, at least they could take a new angle on that. But this is now its app looks like.

It has iOS and android app available, which does not look polished. There is not much content available yet(maybe the situation will be better later). As we know content from the creators are the most important thing here. If this can attract more creators, then there will be more users.

It looks very familiar, like others, not have much content (as this is an early stage). We hope to see more content here, as content will decide the future of Byte.

But let’s take a look at other aspects fo Byte. How much buzz is already created for Byte!!


Let’s take a look at their social pages:





Clearly you can see there are already followers, but no content. So the buzz is created (because of the name of Vine), but content not created yet. 

This is what they have on their FAQ:

Our goal is to expand the list of countries we support as soon as possible.

Since we only just launched, we don’t yet have a timeline, but we’ll make announcements as byte becomes available in more places.

For now you can download byte if you’re in:

  • Australia

  • Austria

  • Belgium

  • Brazil

  • Bulgaria

  • Canada

  • Croatia

  • Czech Republic

  • Denmark

  • ….

  • ….

These short-form videos attract user, those are fun to watch. That attraction made Vine, an app that shows videos in 6-sec loop, a popular app. Twitter bought Vine it for about $30 million in October 2012.

It will get some users, for sure. As it is from Vine and vine was from twitter and also popular during its time. So the interest of user will be there. Maybe that is the reason it has already started suffering from spammy contents. And they are trying to handle it.

Right now we have a mixed feeling about it. Will it be able to attract more video creators, that is the question.

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