Internet users in the present world create a wide range of web accounts on a regular basis. Having the same password for all those accounts will leave you with a huge risk. Therefore, computer experts thoroughly advise all the people out there to use different passwords for different accounts. However, we are not in a position to remember all those passwords that belong to different accounts. It can leave you with a huge frustration along with time. The 1Password can be considered as the best solution available for people like that. 

What is 1Password

1Password can simply be defined as online databases, which can be used to store all your passwords on a particular website. Password managers can be divided into two categories as online and offline. Cybersecurity experts have confirmed that 1Password is more secure than offline password managers because it uses a unique encryption method to protect all your passwords. You will find it an easy task to use 1Password and take good care of all your passwords. It will deliver much-needed support and assistance to you with taking care of all the passwords. Hence, you can have different passwords for different online accounts and you can make sure that you don’t forget anyone. 

How does 1Password work? 

The main objective of 1Password is to organize all your passwords and PIN numbers in a secure manner. You can also find password managers that generate secure passwords for you. All the information will be stored in an encrypted file, which protects your information from attackers. You can only access this encrypted file by entering your master password. This will reduce the hassle of remembering dozens of passwords for different accounts. You just need to remember a single password and the 1Password will do the rest for you. 

Why you should go for 1Password

Plenty of reasons are available for Internet users to seek the assistance of 1Password. Even though they are a new breed, it has been able to grab the attention of millions of internet users out there. The unique and interesting features offered by 1Password have played a major role behind the above-mentioned fact. 

When it comes to passwords, security is the most important aspect that anyone should consider. The 1Password uses AES encryption methods in order to protect your valuable passwords. This encryption method uses a top-secret algorithm of algorithms in order to ensure its security. In addition, these service providers are coupling encryption along with host proof hosting to enhance security. Even though you have the ability to access your 1Password account from any computer, it will not be an easy task. You will be asked to verify several information to access the account if you are trying to access it from an unauthorized location. Almost all the 1Password offers protection against phishing. Therefore, any person can use them with a hassle-free mind, without worrying about anything. 

What’s the best online password manager?

From the recent researches, it has been identified that many computer users prefer to go for the 1Password because of their convenience. A large number of companies have come to the market in order to cater to this demand. However, all those companies out there are not in a position to offer a high-quality service or their customers. If you are looking for the best 1Password out there, 1Password is the place that you need to visit. 

1Password is an Australian based company that was established in 2013 by a group of highly talented software engineers. These engineers are working hard to provide the best possible service to you and protect all your passwords. In addition, customers can also seek the assistance of 1Password in order to protect their confidential information such as credit card account information. They have used one of the latest encryption methods to ensure the protection of your information. You can rely on their services without any hesitation because they have taken the necessary steps to make sure that your passwords are in safe hands. 

1Password offers a wide array of security features for their customers. All your interactions with their website will be done through an SSL protocol which ensures that all the information passed in between the server and your computer is not compromised. The encryption method that they are using to protect your passwords are approved by the US government as well. The security of a robust hosting environment is assured with professional anti-virus and firewall programs. All the servers of 1Password are located in a trusted data center which is monitored by security experts throughout all the 24 hours of the day. 

All the people who log into 1Password needs to be authorized by their system. They have implemented an anti-theft technique, which ensures that the correct person is accessing the system. Nobody else would be able to log into 1Password by knowing your master password, because it analyzes the locations and the visitors will be challenged to answer several security questions to prove their identity.  The highly powerful password generator of 1Password can create extremely strong passwords to you with the help of random letters and numbers. You can even use a single unique code to log in to your account, instead of the master password. 

1Password has made necessary arrangements in order to send security email notifications for all their customers. You can also experience the services offered by their two-factor authentication and application security monitoring features. You don’t need to worry about the reliability of your passwords on the server because they take regular backups to keep you away from hassle. 1Password offers several pricing plans for the convenience of its customers. I believe their free password manager package is more than enough for an average Internet user. The above-mentioned benefits make 1Password a leader in the industry of online password management. Therefore, any person can get their assistance to manage personal information without thinking twice.

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