16 inch macbook pro rumers so far spec, release date

There is a piece of new news in the cloud that a new MacBook Pro will be released, which has 16 on the screen. It is exciting for power users to search for more power and more screen real estate to enhance their productivity.

At nested tech, we are also excited about it. We have some power users here who want to test this, and also, we want to see how that meets the expectations of other power users.

Whatever that is, high five to all those power users.

But there are few questions that this new MacBook Pro has to answer:

  1. will it provide more processing and graphics power?
  2. Will it be able to manage the thermal issues properly?
  3. Will it improve the existing keyboards, and will it feel better with the next version of keyboards (if there are any)?
  4. Will it provide something more than the 15inch MacBook pro?

As these are the most questions that power users have in mind.

Those questions are in our mind and will be there unit the release of this product from apple.

Here is what we know so far about the specific 16-inch MacBook pro:


Not expecting any design change:

MacBook pros have the same design for the last few years, which is supposed to continue in the next version. Not much change is expected there. Maybe all the apple laptop will have a new version of the butterfly keyboard. But that’s all.


It will have a larger baseless display:

That sounds cool. It would have a 16-inch display with an LCD with a 3,072×1,920-pixel resolution, which will be supplied by LG Display.


9th gen intel processor will probably be there:

According to rumors, it would have a Core i9-9980HK that will have 8core, Turbo Boost of up to 5.0GHz, which will make this machine faster and will do justice to its form factor. This would be the fastest mobile process that apple has yet provided on a laptop.


Graphics card can have more config available:

According to rumors, it will be announced next September or November, but no further info available from any source.



The existing 15-inch MacBook Pro is already a good machine for power users. The question is, will this new MacBook pro influence a user to migrate from 15 to 16 inches. All that depends on how much power will apple give to the hand of the user.

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