Best Screen Mirroring App for Android to PC

Monitoring what others are doing on their phone is prohibited by law. But sometimes, we do it for the best of those we love. For instance, imagine giving your baby a smartphone and they end up in the hand of bullies on social media. It will affect their growth and wellbeing.

Or, forget about intelligence and focus on things we do sometimes. You may want to cast whatever’s on your phone to your PC. Probably play games, take screenshots, and do other activities. Some applications allow you to do this. So, which are the best screen mirroring apps for Android to PC? Read on.

The app is user-friendly and starts mirroring as soon as all connections are in place. You can use the app to perform several functions. While some use it to play games, others utilize the app for recording and taking screenshots.

Vysor can be used with a USB connection. Once you connect your phone with the PC using a USB cable, select the USB Debugging option that pops on your phone. That will set things up ready for use. Once connected, you can proceed with what you want.

  • Google Home

This is arguably the best, as defended by most users of the app. It lets you cast your Android to the screen and enjoy the view.

Sometimes we have amazing stuff on our phones and would want to utilize the TV screen perhaps because of its large size. The Google Home app easily connects your device to the screen and lets you watch whatever you want instantly.

But the app has its limitations. You must have Google Chromecast for this app to work. But that won’t be a challenge if you meet the requirement.

The app is developed by Google and so you can trust that it is reliable. Besides, it is free and easy to use. Its user-friendliness ranks it above most of the other screen mirroring apps.

  • LetsView

The LetsView app has several capabilities. It has the power to cast and record at the same time. Besides, the app can take screenshots of what is displayed at the moment.

For such apps, people tend to question the quality of the video being cast on the screen. Well, LetsView guarantees quality videos. The app is top quality and user-friendly as well.

Top rating sites have ranked the app as reliable and better than most others. Even as a new entrant, the app continues to deliver and meet expectations. Perhaps its status as a new player makes potential clients have second thoughts.

As it stays longer in the industry, the app will attract more believers. Besides, the app continues to perform and outdo others.

  • MirrorGo

Statistics have it that this is one of the most downloaded screens casting applications online. This is proof of the app’s effectiveness. The app is a product of WonderShare’s creativity. The developer is a trusted brand and the fact that this app is attracting lots of downloads is proof of the same.

Besides, this is not the only app made by WonderShare. There are many more and they are all reliable. The MirrorGo is no exception.

About connectivity, you can use a cable or go wireless. The USB cable works perfectly for this app and that offers a convenient option for those without Wi-Fi.

  • Team Viewer

This is one of the most popular screen mirroring apps in the market today. It is available in almost all organizations as it is the preferred application. The preference is a result of its effectiveness. And that’s why leading companies prefer the brand because it works well for their organizations.

Team Viewer supports videos and audio. In most cases, the app is used for the solution of problems. For instance, the IT personnel may request staff to share their screen using Team Viewer. That will allow the IT personnel time to see the problem and sort it out.

  • Your phone by Microsoft

This is another amazing free screen mirroring app for Android to PC. The applications expertly shift your phone’s activities to your personal computer. You can send and receive messages from the PC and at the same time answer calls.

Besides, the app gives you the freedom to check notifications and respond to those that need your attention. You can also gain access to your pictures and applications through the app.

In recent times, our phones have become very important devices. That is why we need them close even when working with our PC. It sounds even better when you have the power to access your phone through your computer.

The app is well-rated and that proves its effectiveness. Besides, the application is safe and that means you do not compromise your security. The application will run in the background and you can always decide on what to do with it on the Task Manager panel.

  • Screencast

The Screencast application gives you the option to share screens. Once installed on both devices, you can share screens between phones and PC. The app has an added advantage and that is the power to allow multiple device connections.

The WiFi button is responsible for connections with this app. It is fast, easy, and efficient. Besides, the multiple connections option makes it convenient when you want to work as a team.


Using your PC and mobile phone together required you to have them both with you. Today, it is possible to access your phone while on your PC. The apps listed above make it possible to do this. Some apps allow you to have wireless connections while you have to use USB connectivity for some. Regardless, they all work well once connected. Some allow multiple connectivities and that is a good thing for teams working together.    


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