Best Movie Review Sites in India

Today, in this corona time, we all have been caught at home. We have nothing special to do to entertain ourselves. To spend free time, the internet is the only source of entertainment for all of us. In this busy routine, entertainment is a platform for us to break from our boring routine to relax. On the internet, movies are the primary source of enjoyment.   For all movie lovers, it has been a great source of joy. Before watching a movie, you can also watch a movie review of any movie on the internet. Movie reviews help you in saving your precious time. It would be best to watch a movie review because a bad movie can destroy your precious and worthy time. So, for this purpose, many such websites in India help you watch a review of any movie. But, all these sites are not trustworthy. Therefore, I have brought a list of the best movie review sites in India. All these sites are trustworthy and provide you every piece of information that you want about a movie. 

Filmfare is one of the most well-known movie review sites in India. It is an English language magazine about the Hindi-language cinema that is called Bollywood. It provides you reviews about every movie with all the needed information. It gives you a review of every top hit movie to super flop. It is one of the most entertaining movie review websites in India. It gives you information about every type that you need. You should visit this site if you are planning a movie date. By following this website, you can wisely plan your movie date.

This website is the best choice for you if you search for the master of all movie review sites. It is the only website where you can find every piece of information about the related movie you will watch. It is the only website where you can find ratings of the movie and its reviews. It provides you with news that is related to all movies on the same page. This review site gets big applause from all of us because they give you an idea of presenting valuable content. In short, it is a good choice for you if you really want to get information about movies. 


Indiaglitz has a rare feature on its website. This feature of this movie review site makes this site stand out from the crowd of movie review sites. Apart from good content, it has this great feature. The multi-language option provided by this website makes it more amazing in the crowd. It also gives you the option to use this website in more than two or three languages. This exclusive factor of this website puts it in the list of the top websites. 

Bollywood News World

Bollywood News World is one of the best sites if you are looking for detailed movie reviews. This movie review site provides you a review of any movie. The review of any movie includes music, direction, and screenplay details as well. This property of Bollywood News World makes it valuable among all movie reviewing sites. 


Glamsham is really one of the best movie review sites because it provides you with any movie-related information online. It is famous for all Indian movie reviews. One of the features of this website that makes it worthwhile and attractive is keeping their site up-to-date. This website gives you information about reviews and provides you the previews of all incoming movies. This is its wonderful feature. All these features make this movie reviewing website count in this list. 

Now Running

Now Running is another popular movie reviewing website. It is an entertainment site that reviews all movies in approximately all languages from Hindi to Malayalam. Its auto changing posters of movies from different languages definitely create curiosity amongst all viewers to wait and spend a bit more time on this website. This feature of this website makes it more appealing among all review sites on my list. 

Bollywood Hungama

Bollywood Hungama is another great and informative website for movie review. This website knows very well how to play with images. The feature that attracts the attention of all viewers of this website is the posters of upcoming movies. All color images are placed in such a way that this perfection catches the watcher’s eye. The site gets a bonus point from these colorful promotions. This website knows to play with images and their setting perfectly.


Desimartini is a website that has got its place in the top class movie review websites. It is one of the most useful and informative websites in this field of entertainment and enjoyment. It manages a wide range of categories on the homepage. This is a great website that provides you everything that you want. Desimartini has everything in its hand for you, whether it is an article or a movie review. Like other websites on this list, it also provides you with every related information about a movie.

Yahoo Movies

Yahoo Movies website is one of the top class movie review websites on this list. It is famous because it is designed exclusively. This property of this website puts it in the list of the top movie reviewing sites. The homepage of this website is divided into multiple image tabs for convenience. This not only helps you to save the page but also captivates the mind of the viewer. 

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