Top Indian Apps

Almost everything today is operated by an app. The truth is the majority of these apps are made in India. Here are some of the top Indian apps you will find in the market.

  1. Zomato

This is one of the most popular apps in India. Zomato has amazing information about eateries and restaurants. When looking for a nice place to eat, one of the important things to look out for is the user reviews.

Previous clients will always give an honest review. Even if they try to be nice, they will highlight one or two facts about the eatery. That is why you want to be keen on where to go after checking out previous ratings.

Other than reviews and ratings, you will also have menus. These publications help you plan for meals as well as see if that provider has the foods you prefer. Information is money and Zomato is doing well in earning from providing such info.

  1. Flipkart

As time goes by, inflation increase. At least is true and has been experienced over time. Well, Flipkart helps you find value for money.

Flipkart is an app that helps you do your shopping from the comfort of your home. The e-retail app has all the information that you need to make sound financial decisions. Some of the information you find in this app is product information and reviews.

It compares different providers and gives you the information you need to conclude which product serves you better. The app has an agreement with retailers to let clients who buy via their site get a discount. Such arrangements have seen the app increase its income.

The app has additional features that make it easy to use. For instance, the talk to search feature allows you to use your voice instead of typing to search for products. That can save you time and avoid inconvenience.

  1. Ola

Almost every business is moving online. Ola is one such app that leads the taxi business in India. The app allows you to get a taxi and move from where you are to a destination of your choice. You can choose between a car or a bike.

Some people prefer the latter, especially when in a hurry and trying to beat traffic. The Indian app has revolutionized the tax business. It has brought comfort and convenience. It is also affordable and safe. You can hire a taxi to and from where you are headed to. It is easy and fast.

  1. OLX

Buying and selling can be a challenge sometimes. To sell, you either needed a shop or a selling station. That meant extra costs including rent and permits.

Well, OLX and other apps came in to disrupt that. Now, all you need is to take images of the product you want to sell and upload them on OLX.

Before you do so, you have to create a profile and optimize it for profits. Once it’s up, you can post products as you want. The platform provides a market for second-hand clothes. You can easily get rid of the products you do not need.

Your location setting will determine a lot. As a buyer, you will get suggestions for products near you. For a seller, the closer your clients are the faster and easier it is to sell your products. Sales are not guaranteed on this platform.

It is an open market and that means fair competition. That is why you must do your best if you want to sell your products. It is rewarding once you’ve mastered the art of selling on this platform.

  1. PayTM

Mobile money has grown over the years. People are embracing digital payments more. That is why India has their payment system too.

The application gives users a chance to make payments through their devices. You can send or receive money from friends, clients, and family. This makes transactions easy and convenient.

You can also shop online using the Paytm application. Payments are secure and that makes it easy for both the buyer and seller. Paytm is another top Indian application proving the Indians’ talents.

  1. ShareChat

ShareChat was developed by Mohalla Tech. The social networking service was incorporated in 2015 and has over a quarter a million users. The number continues to increase with time, showing how popular the application is.

The application also offers a variety of languages. They have about 15 Indic languages. You can send direct messages to other users, tagging, and share content.

In May 2020, it was unfortunate that they had to sack over 100 employees. The management defended the decision by stating they had to re-strategize. After a time, they rehired about half of the staff who had lost their jobs.

Their rehiring process did not end there. They hired, even more, to strengthen their team for better delivery. The strategy has seen the app grow its clientele over time.

  1. Gaana

This is another popular music streaming application. The app has 150K+ users who actively engage the app monthly. On the platform, there are above 3million songs that keep the users coming back. the entertainment site has people go online to get entertained.

  1. Wynk Music

This is another entertainment app that offers over a 1.4Million songs. Indians and others who have access to the application get the opportunity to enjoy these bangers.


India has produced several apps that have the way things run in the world. The above 8 are some of the apps you’d love to use. They are Indian-made and show how talented Indian developers are. All these started as ideas and turned out big after implementation. As time goes by, we are likely going to see more applications come up from India. Then, we will know how apps would have come up.       

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