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Technology has been evolving rapidly. Still, a business has its rules and that determines what decisions should be made. When it comes to business, the devices you use hugely determine your effectiveness in service delivery to clients. Besides, it has an effect in the general performance of the business and its profitability. This article will highlight the best table for business. But, before that; let’s establish the criteria for selection of the best tablet for business.

Advanced Features

Pause and think about popular apps like WhatsApp and Facebook. These platforms offer standard versions and separate ones for business with advanced features. The reason is clear- a business needs advanced technological features to improve on operations and drive sales up.

When it comes to tablets, the same principle applies. The tablet with more advanced features carries the day. Well, it is not about just any other features, but those specifically created for business. Manufacturers today build gadgets for personal use separately for personal use and ones with advanced features for businesses. Some do not. Go for those that have dedicated time and effort to build you a tablet meant specifically for business.


There are two ways you could look at support. One is the availability of help in case you face challenges using the gadget. How easy is the support team when technical issues come up? Tablets are man-made and therefore you expect technical problems time and again. A good gadget is one that experiences less of these hitches. And when it happens, the support team should be quick enough to resolve the issue.

Another perspective is which apps the gadget supports. Looking at it this way, the question of compatibility comes up. How compatible is the tablet with critical apps your business requires? Keep in mind the useful apps you need when shopping for a tablet for your business. If the gadget does not support these applications, there’s no need to acquire it.


There’s this one time I acquired a fine tablet. It had all the qualities I loved and was fine for business. At one time I tried setting up a wifi connectivity. To my surprise, a wireless connection couldn’t be set up. I thought it was all about the settings and so I tried adjust things. Turns out it was more than that. Even in today’s advanced world, you will find connectivity challenges you least expected. It will cost you more. Look out for devices ready to connect- plug and play. Ensure it is before purchase lest you want to incur extra costs in setting up your gadget ready for business.


There is power in a name. There is a reason why some prefer Apple to Android. The reverse is true. Each brand has its strengths and weaknesses. Different businesses call for different solutions. An Apple tablet may work better for your business and turn out horrible for mine. The first step is in identifying your best requirements and doing proper research to establish which brand suits yours. Once your brands are compatible, you can be sure to get better results.

Ease of Use 

Every organization I’ve worked for takes seriously turnaround time. As a client, I hate when service providers waste my time. It’s even more frustrating when you hear the service person to wait longer saying, “the system is down”. Give no room for latency. A gadget should be easy to use for your staff and clients too. I’m certain your team has members with different levels of competences. Easy to use gadgets gives the less competent an easy time. This reduces the turnaround time per client and minimizes horrible encounters from extremely impatient clients.


Size, wait, endurance and other factors determine a device’s portability. A tablet should be easy to move around with. Your tablet will be less portable if it has to be wired for some services to be rendered. Avoid tablets that subject you to wiring. That limits portability and may bring up unnecessary inconveniences at times.

Power Retention

Tablets are computers with advanced features to cater for portability and convenience. When your tablet limits you to continuous, repeated and regular charging then it may not be the best. You want a tablet that retains power. That way, at no time will you worry about recharging your tablet.

There are more criteria to consider. Some are general to all businesses while others are specific to an enterprise. Now, here comes a list of tablets recommended for business.

The Best Tablets

Below is a list of the best tablets for business:

  • iPad Pro 12.9
  • Lenovo Miix 510
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
  • Acer Switch 5
  • Asus Transformer 3 Pro
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 6

The above listed tablets have some of the best features and other qualities for your business as determined by

Different will offer varying qualities at determined prices. One thing to remember is quality stands long after the price is forgotten. Important as the cost matters, quality should stand out. Do not just buy a tablet because it is cheap or expensive. Determine what your business needs first. Once that is done, you may now consider the price.

The best tablets should be productive and that should improve your service delivery and customer satisfaction. At the end of the day, your profits will go up and growth will come by. Having the wrong priorities in gadget selection may be fatal to your business.


The success of a business relies on simple decisions like the devices you use among others. Having the tablets determines a lot. Your turnaround time among other objectives’ success relies on the hardware you use. This article highlighted six of the best tablets for your business. Try them and you’ll realize improved operations among other benefits. One last thing; as much as price matters, it should come second to quality. It may cost less to acquire, but more for the rest of your usage. Do you remember the cliché cheap is expensive? Yes! Prioritizing prices instead of quality when shopping will cost you. Goodbye! 

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