Cooler Master MH650

Are you looking forward to purchasing an excellent gaming headset? Then you will need to take a look at Cooler Master MH650. It is among the best gaming headsets available for you to buy as of now. It is offering virtual surround sounds to you along with crisp audio. On top of that, it will be possible for you to get an extra boost while you are playing games with the headset. That’s the main reason why this headset is quite popular among the chatters and game streamers who are living out there.


When you take a look at Cooler Master MH650, you will figure out how it is maintaining a classic look. However, you will still be able to transform the overall appearance of the gaming headset by activating its RGB colors. The headset is mainly made out of plastic. However, you will be able to find steel on the headband, which is also covered along with foam cushioning and mesh fabric. You will never be able to get a cheap finishing out of this headset.

You will fall in love with the lightweight experience that the Cooler Master MH650 is offering to you. You will be able to continue to use this headset for a longer period of time as well. It weighs only around 9.9 ounces. 

If you are a gamer, you will find yourself playing games with the headset for many hours. By purchasing Cooler Master MH650, you can go ahead with playing games for extended hours without having to worry too much about anything. It will deliver the comfortable fit that you expect to get. On the other hand, this headset would lock into the proper place as well.

The earcups of the Cooler Master MH650 are made with a mesh fabric. It also offers enough foam padding to you. You can easily get this headset to cover up your ears. You will also fall in love with the comfortable padding that comes with the headset. You can get an immersive sound experience out of this headset, especially when you activate the surrounding sound mode of the headset.

You will need to connect the Cooler Master MH650 to your computer via a USB Type-A connection. Hence, it is quite different from the traditional 3.5mm headsets that are available for your purchase out there in the market. This is a highly flexible headset that you can buy and use.

Audio Quality

At the time of purchasing a headset for gaming, you will prefer to pay special attention to the audio performance that you can get. There is no need to worry too much about the audio performance that this headset is capable of offering. The headset can deliver an excellent sound range. For example, the lowest sound it can deliver is at 20Hz and the highest sound that you can get would be at 20,000Hz. You can get virtual 7.1 surround sound with the headset as well.

It will be possible for you to get a crisp sound output along with Cooler Master MH650 However, you might have to experience some white noise, especially when the audio level of the headset is zero. On the other hand, you can get a satisfying base out of the headset as well. 

Another important thing to keep in mind about this headset is that you will be able to remove the microphone from the headset. This removable microphone is providing you with a decent overall performance as well. You will be able to use it to play games along with teammates without going through any major challenges.


There is no need for you to install any software on your computer to start using the Cooler Master MH650. That’s because it is designed to function in the form of a plug-and-play device. However, there is a dedicated app available for the software, which is named Cooler Master MasterPlus. If you want to get the best experience out of this gaming headset, you are encouraged to download that app. The app will be able to assist you with tweaking the virtual surround system of the app according to the way you want.

The Cooler Master MH650 headset will be providing you with RGB controls as well. If you download the app, you can go ahead and take better control over the RGB lighting that the app is offering. You can pick your RGB lighting scheme by using the features that are available in the app. On the other hand, you will have the freedom to control the overall brightness and speed effect as well. 

Should you get Cooler Master MH650?

If you are looking for a decent gaming headset available for purchase in the market, you will be able to go ahead and buy Cooler Master MH650. It is available at an affordable price tag. The benefits that you can receive with this headset are worth the amount that you are spending on it as well.

One of the key features that you can get out of Cooler Master MH650 is the virtual 7.1 surround sound. You can easily deep dive into the games that you play with the assistance of this feature in the gaming headset. The microphone of the headset will also be able to assist you with taking advantage of the games that you are playing. If you want to continue to chat along with your teammates, you can do it without encountering any major challenges. The headset will ensure that you are not provided with any disappointing experiences.

It is also important to keep in mind that Cooler Master MH650 is not just designed for gaming. If you are looking to buy a headset for office use, you may think about purchasing it as well. Cooler Master MH650 is one of the most versatile headsets available for buying as of now. 

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