With time, the world has experienced a shift in which transactions are made. Mobile payments have grown in popularity and that is why most device manufacturers are coming up with inventions to make their products compatible with most mobile payment wallets. Apple has not been left behind. In 2014, their Apple Pay digital wallet was released to the market. This was to make it easy for mobile payments by Apple products. The wallet was well received and today remains one of the popular digital wallets in use, especially for Apple users.

Features of Apple Pay 

To understand how the wallet works, it is wise to go through its features. What makes Apple Pay what it is and how is built to facilitate user-friendliness and efficiency? Now that money is involved, how safe is it to have your funds kept in your Apple Pay wallet. Well, let’s see what features do and facilitate what.

  • Two-factor authentication

Encryption is one of the most used security features in today’s advanced world of technology. Apple Pay has this feature and is enabled using the Touch ID. When the payer releases the funds, the units are encrypted. This prevents theft and unauthorized tapping of the same in the middle. Normally, the payer and payee have identical decrypting keys. Once the funds have been released, they’ll travel digitally to the payee.

Upon receiving the funds, the point of sale terminal decrypts the code and confirms receipt of payment. At that point, the payer will be notified of the confirmed payment. The payee will also receive a notification of payment received. All this happens in microseconds. It takes place so fast that neither of the two parties doing the transaction will notice. This feature is a protection feature to secure these funds and keep both the payer and payee protected from theft.

  • Wireless communication

Apple Pay wirelessly communicates with points of sale when initiating and confirming transactions. This is made true by the use of near-field communication. This special type of technology allows two wirelessly connected devices to communicate and confirm transactions. When this happens, there are security risks associated.

To prevent any security concerns from coming true, cryptography is used. This enhances protection and prevents any form of fraud from taking place at the point of sale. That is why Apple Pay users should feel secure.

  • Bank Account Transfer

The money movement today is more advanced than ever before. Time back, if you had money in the bank you had to go and withdraw it before using the cash. Then came the credit and debit cards. Assuming you forgot your card at home then you’d have a problem spending your money.

After mobile banking came to life, it is now easier than ever before to transfer your money. Apple Pay has the bank transfer option which allows the movement of funds between your digital wallet and your bank account. This saves you the hustle of having to walk around with your debit and credit cards or having to go to the ATM.

  • WebStore transactions

There’s no limit to where you can use your Apple Pay for payments. This makes it an efficient and better option.

  • Rewards

You earn for any positive activity you do with your Apple Pay. In the long run, you will be rewarded for loyalty too.


The other day I was serving a client and had to run his debit card twice. Even with attempts to convince him there are no charges, he told me he works in the bank and knows how things work there. Well, he was implying banks have hidden charges you may never know about.

What about Apple Pay? What charges do you incur for expenses made? Well, there are no charges. It is free to use both for the payer and payee. The app is also free to get and offers a free trial for usage. This is great news as you only pay for what you consume. Hidden charges can be a pain in the neck and that is why payment getaways allowing for transactions without any fees applying are a better option.

How does it Work?

Apple Pay has a variety of working options. Click the following link for details: Different locations give the payer varying alternatives to make payments. Depending on where you are and what kind of payment you want to affect, the link offers a guide on how to go about it. You can make payments in stores, within apps, on the web, using your reward card, and when riding among other options.

Your Apple Pay keeps all your transaction history so you can track all the payments you made. You’ve probably been in a situation where you couldn’t account for a certain amount of money. It is easy to conclude you’ve been swindled the money. But, with transaction history, you can account for every dollar you’ve spent.

Apple Pay is easy to use and convenient. Before initiating any payment, ensure you’ve spoken to the cashier serving you and informed you of your decision to pay using Apple Pay. In case of any reservations, you’ll be informed. This will help avoid any conflicts. Otherwise, you should not experience any challenge as most stores and sites allow Apple Pay. This mode of payment has come of age and is a good option for Apple users.


Developed by Apple Inc., Apple Pay is compatible with the latest versions of Apple operating systems from iOS 8.1 onwards. Previous versions of Apple OS do not integrate with this digital wallet. Their website is with different options of usage depending on location. With a Proprietary license, Apple Pay has been in operation since October 2014. For the many years they’ve been around, they’ve revolutionized mobile payments. The platform uses cryptography to secure the funds of its users. There are many more other features that make the app easy to use and convenient.

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