Zorin OS

What is Zorin OS?

Zorin OS (Zorin-OS) is a unique and different type of operating system that combines two different interfaces: Gnome and Windows 7. The interface in Windows 7 and Gnome are almost identical, but in Gnome you can also access the Command-Line interface. With Zorin OS, the power user will find the familiar Windows Command-Line interface inside of a Gnome interface. Many features make Zorin OS unique, including its desktop environment called Zorin Desktop Environment (ZDE). But even with all these features, Zorin OS is still easy to install and use.

Zorin OS, a variant of the popular Gnome desktop environment. Zorin OS is a simple and elegant operating system, with many helpful additions. It has a good, clean interface that feels just like Windows, and it is simple and easy to use. It’s not the best Linux distribution out there, but it is one of the most beginner-friendly. If you want to learn Linux but don’t want to learn the intricacies of the command line, this operating system is for you. The current version is  3.8 (Current), released on December 8, 2013. The previous releases are 3.6 (2012-11-12), 3.5 (2012-10-21) and 3.4 (2012-07-15).

Salient Features of Zorin OS

If you are new to Linux or even if you are experienced, I recommend you give this desktop environment a try.

10 Great Features of Zorin OS

1). The boot menu is one of the easiest booting Linux operating systems out there.

2). Zorin OS is a very easy operating system to use.

3). The user interface is very complete and easy to use, and it feels just like Windows.

4). The simplest way to move files around on your machine is by drag and drop.

5). Zorin OS has a simple, clean interface with no distracting elements—no menus, no buttons, etc. This makes it ideal for new Linux users.

6). Zorin OS has a lot of easy-to-use utilities for system management.

7). Zorin OS is colorful because it uses the Gnome color scheme.

8). Zorin OS is lightweight and fast. It works well on older computers or low-powered computers.

9). Zorin OS is very secure—it comes with a layered security system called linguists. You can create virtual machines (VMs) with this operating system, which provides an added level of security for your files.

10). If there is one thing I don’t like about Zorin OS, it is this: if you are not familiar with the Linux GUI, the CLI can be very intimidating.

Benefits of Zorin OS

  • Zorin OS is the only truly independent desktop operating system.
  •  It has been tested and optimized for Windows 7 and 8 as well as Linux, with plans to support new versions as they come out.
  • Zorin OS is focused on user experience, no bloatware
  • Zorin OS is a unique operating system that lets you take control of your PC rather than letting it take control of you. 
  • Independent: Zorin OS doesn’t rely on any third-party vendors or stakeholders; its only hardware requirement is 256 MB of RAM.
  • Versatile: Zorin OS can boot into any of its three desktop environments: Windows, KDE, or Xfce.
  • Comprehensive: Zorin OS is packed with hundreds of free and open-source applications and games for both productivity and entertainment.
  • Sustainable: Zorin OS is fully open source and is completely free to download and use forever.
  • Zorin OS comes with several integrated apps including firefox firestarter theme, adblocker, battery monitor, CPU temp monitor + CPU usage monitor, CPU freq (for Intel CPU) + GPU freq (for Nvidia GPU) + RSS reader (OPML reader), terminal emulator, mp3 player, image 

Why you should install Zorin OS?

Zorin OS is an Ubuntu-based distribution for x86, x64, ARM, and PowerPC architectures. It features a full suite of integrated software that simplifies the installation and maintenance of the operating system. Zorin OS also comes with hundreds of community packages that are custom-tailored to the distribution. The result is a cohesive package-based distribution with all updates built-in by default which requires less intervention from users when compared to other distros with ‘big basket’ packaging schemes. This is enabled by its update manager, Zorin Updater, which itself has been designed in mind for ease in updating all parts of the operating system in one shot without having to worry about dependencies across packages. Zorin OS also features the Zorin Desktop environment, based on Gnome Shell and integrated with many Gnome apps. The innovative desktop layout is elegant and simple for first-time users, yet has enough customization options to be interesting for experienced computer users.


Zorin OS Lite is an alternative edition of Zorin OS. It doesn’t contain many packages included in the full version of Zorin OS but includes all the essential ones (except multimedia support). It uses LXDE as its desktop environment. It uses Openbox instead of Compiz for lightweight performance. It also offers a simplified installation and removal process. Zorin OS has been used as a reference distribution in several enterprise pilot projects as well as within pilot projects of the United States Department of Defense. According to Zorin OS, they have been working closely with the United States Department of Defense to ensure Zorin OS’s security compliance. Overall it is similar to Windows so, does not cause any problem for new users. It is clean and easy to use for all users. The operating system is quite lightweight for your device. 

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