How to prevent computer screens from damaging your eyes

Your eyes appear top of the list of some of the most critical body parts you have. That mentioned, you need to protect them as much as possible. most computer users harm their eyes without knowing so. Long usage of computers may damage your sight for good. That is something nobody would wish for. But, who is ready to do things right to keep their eyes safe is the question. Another question is how does someone protect their eyes from the harm of long hours spent in front of a screen. Below are tips you can use to prevent a computer screen from damaging your eyes.

Avoid spending much time in front of a computer

There’s no shortcut to protecting your sight. The best option is to cut the hours you spend in front of a computer. While this may not be practically possible all the time, it is still doable. For instance, some work all day and cannot leave their desks unattended. Besides, when the work is too much, hours must be spent in front of the computer to ensure the work at hand is cleared.

But it is still possible to minimize time spent in front of a computer. How possible is this? One thing that can be helpful is having breaks within your tight schedule. Research has established your vision will be less affected if you break regularly in between the hours of your shift. At least the breaks release your eyes from the tension caused by the bright light of the pc and straining contact between your vision and the computer.

In the end, you realize there’s an improvement even in how you feel. Remember when your eyes are under stress, your productivity is likely to go down as well as your general well-being is going to be affected.

Reduce the brightness of your pc

The light your computer releases affects your vision. Excessively high lights will significantly damage your eyesight. On the same note, extremely low light will damage your vision too. The best thing to do is get a fair; no low or high light coming out of your computer. Your eyes can almost always tell when the light is too much or too low. Trust your eyes.

Keep the right distance between your eyes and the screen

The distance between your eyes and the monitor determines much. Light rays tend to weaken in intensity as it travels away from the source. That is why you have to stay as far away from the screen as possible. By the time the light rays get to your eyes, they’ll be disarmed already.

The distance from the computer should also be not too far as that will strain your eyes as well. You can also have your seat and desk well-angled so the light doesn’t have to hit your eyes directly. The screen should be right straight ahead of you. When the screen meets your eyes at an acute angle, then your eyes and body, in general, might be affected.

The screen should be raised enough so you have to see it straight in front of you. That way, you don’t have to bend your eyes at all. This minimizes the chances of hurting your eyes. Your vision will stay intact and your health maintained well.


This is another alternative. There are eyeglasses built specifically for eye protection. They shield your eyes from the harmful rays of the computer. Getting those will help you big time. No matter how long hours you spend in front of a computer, the shield will keep you protected. Although, this does not mean you should keep the computer lights high just because you have the eyes shield on. That may still be catastrophic.

Well, it is also critical to get the right glasses on. Some glasses might give the impression of protection but do nothing in the real sense. Therefore, ensure you get your glasses right. Having the wrong glasses might let in the harmful rays without your knowledge. In the long run, you realize your vision keeps getting blurred.

Avoid the screen when possible

Legends believe prevention is better than cure. I also do. If you can avoid a computer screen, please do. It will save your eyes. Most gamers and computer nerds get stuck to their computers every day, all day, and every time. With time, you realize they lose their eyesight and now become forced to use eyeglasses for them to see well. You don’t have to get there. Gaming and coding are important, but your eyes’ health matter big time. Avoiding the screen as much as you can saves you the stress to look for an optician.

Make use of a screen filter

This is another fine alternative. There are matte screen filters available in the market. Using them will help you big time to protect your eyes. The screen cuts off harmful rays from hitting your pupil. This is the best alternative if you must spend hours on your screen doing things you love or have to.

Still, try to use the 20-20-20 rule when using your screen even with the filter on. This rule dictates you should stare at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This should happen after every 20 minutes of continuous use of your computer. The breaks, when used with the filter will protect your eyes well for as long as you use it.


Computers can be harmful to your eyes as well as beneficial. The benefits are felt by the community as more inventions come up. But, the shortcomings mostly befall the individual behind the screen. The best news is you can always do something about it. This article has highlighted behavioral as well as practical tips to apply if you want to prevent the pc from damaging your vision. Follow these tips and you will never experience eye problems.

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