How to Clean Phone Screen at Home?

No matter what you do, sooner or later your phone will get dirty. You might have been eating a hot dog while checking your notifications, or maybe you left it on the table when you were eating spaghetti. But anyway, your screen is dirty and so are these instructions about how to clean a smartphone screen at home.

Different ways to clean your phone screen at home: 

  • Use a microfiber cloth to clean the screen

Grab the cloth and remove any visible debris. I like to shake off my phone or place it on edge on a flat surface to ensure that no water will fall out of the cracks between the glass. I also like using this method if my phone is super dusty, as it can get expensive buying new microfiber cloths all of the time (and they’re still considered one of the cheaper ways to clean your phone.

  • Use a liquid phone screen cleaner or water

You can use almost any liquid you have around the house to clean your screen, even your old toothpaste. Many people suggest toothpaste as an alternative to just plain water. Certain liquid phone cleaners are safe to use on a touchscreen display and will not scratch it up or cause any problems for your screen in the long run. 

  • Clean the screen with a Q-tip and/or cleaning cloth

This is a cheap and simple way to clean your phone. Just wet the surface of the screen with water and rub it gently over your finger. Water will get into all those nooks and crannies that other methods can’t reach. Then get rid of any water that gets on your hands using a tissue or piece of paper towel.

  • Clean your phone screen with old toothpaste

This is the most trashy way to clean your phone, but if you’re desperate, it’s worth considering. I’ve often heard of people cleaning their smartphone screens this way and it does look to do the trick temporarily. Of course, eventually, the toothpaste will dry out and you’ll have to start all over. Just be sure that your hands aren’t coated in brown gunk by the time you’re done scrubbing your phone screen.

  • Use a pre-moistened cloth

I sometimes use a separate microfiber towel or handkerchief for cleaning my mobile devices, even though I’m not sure it’s healthier for me to be routinely wiping down my cell phone with fabric (even if it’s clean).  Some of you might want to just use a separate towel for cell phone cleaning, too. There are even some interesting “Smart Cloths” on the market, which have a sort of screen cleaner already on them.

  • Clean your phone with a cotton ball and napkin

I’ve also heard of people using a cotton ball and some rubbing alcohol on their cell phones to clean them, but I’d advise against this method. Rubbing alcohol is only meant to be used in small amounts directly on the skin, so it’s no good for your phone in larger amounts. Also, cotton balls tend to leave behind small fibers in the crevices between your phone’s screens that can scratch it up over time.

  • Use a damp paper towel with some oven cleaner

This is not recommended by Apple itself, but many people have touted the effectiveness of this method for getting rid of dirt, grime, and even sticky bugs like honey bees. I’d personally avoid using oven cleaners on my phone (and anything else that is electronic), but if you’re desperate, it may be worth giving it a shot.

  • Clean your phone with rubbing alcohol

This is another method that appears to work for some users, although I’m still cautious about suggesting it because of the risk of damaging your device with rubbing alcohol. If you’re scared, you could always replace the paper towel with another one (or even use a third–try out some kitchen paper towels if you don’t want to risk damaging your phone any further).

  • Clean the screen with rubbing alcohol and then lemon juice

This is probably my favorite way to clean my phone screen. Using lemon juice will get rid of dirt and grime while giving your device a nice citrusy smell afterward. It does not cause any damage to the device, but do keep in mind that some people don’t like the smell of lemons. If you’re one of them, just substitute it with another liquid option like water or baking soda.

  • Use microfiber cloths to clean your phone with baking soda

Lastly, you can use microfiber cleaning cloths (or any old old towel, but it’s best to use something specifically made for cleaning) and baking soda to clean your screen. It’s the same process as with the lemon juice, but this method will leave your device smelling like a warm pie with lemon meringue. Just be sure that the cloth isn’t too saturated with baking soda powder so you don’t damage your phone.

  • Clean your phone screen with a damp paper towel and vinegar

Mix some vinegar in with some water to make more of a solution, then dampen a paper towel or tissue in it. Then use a paper towel to clean your phone. This is another method that most people recommend, but again, be sure you’re using a paper towel that is compatible with cell phones.

  • Clean your phone screen with water and vinegar

This will not damage the phone in any way, nor will it leave behind any residue or smell. Just apply some water to your paper towel or tissue and wipe down your device with it. You can also use this method to clean off some dust or scratches from the outside of the device if it’s got a nice layer of grime covering its screen. 

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