Best websites for Indian food recipes

All the Indians take their food seriously. The most important time for the gathering of the whole family is Mealtime. In various Indian homes, foods are made from scratch with fresh ingredients. The Western part of India is mostly vegetarian. The taste of one part of India’s foods may be totally different from the taste … Read more


This American YouTuber is also a TV host as well as an actress. A deadly combination as far as influence and online traction is concerned. Fast forward to her channel; she has billions of views. A feat she has not accomplished in a day. The journey started back in 2006, and two centuries later, she … Read more

Linus Tech Tips

Technology is a promising field and has been since time immemorial. It is amazing how innovations keep coming up every other day. When you thought the world is saturated with creations that no man can think beyond the current inventions, something spectacular just comes up. Even with these creations, there are levels of quality, pricing, … Read more

Austin Evans

On August 22, 1992, in America, California, an ingenious baby boy, Austin Evans, was born. Like any other parent in America, Austine’s mum took Austine to a school to experience the beauty and the joy of learning together with his peers. However, Austine had a small stature that made him a victim of bullies in … Read more


Unbox Therapy is a YouTube channel produced by Lewis George and Jack McCann. The channel focuses on technology and unboxing. At the moment, the duo attracts a massive following with more than 16million followers. In total, the channel has attracted over 3 Billion views, with the numbers headed to 4 Billion. It takes creativity, great … Read more


Android authority is an online journal that provides regular updates to Android followers. The online diary is represented in a number of forms. There is a website, blog, YouTube channel, and social media platforms. Both represent the same organization and have a similar mission. The team is a collection of tech bloggers, seasoned reviewers, great … Read more

Marques Brownlee

Since the dawn of the internet revolution, individuals are taking their creativity online to make money out of it. Social media is becoming a fine business opportunity and those with the skills are reaping big. YouTube is another big platform. YouTubers are becoming millionaires at a young age and one such beneficiary is Marques Brownlee. … Read more

Technical Guruji

When you look at the successful YouTubers from India, you will notice that Technical Guruji is holding a prominent place out of them. He is going strong with millions of subscribers. He is a perfect role model for all the YouTubers based in India and other parts of the world. He was even able to … Read more

Top YouTube Tech channels

Tech channels are gaining more and more popularity for a long time on youtube. Those channels inform us about new technology gadgets and give their opinion. Here are the top tech channels available on youtube. Unbox therapy Unbox therapy is one of the top channels in 2019 with 16 Million subscribers and having 3,388,732,307. And … Read more

Most watched videos on YouTube 2019

YouTube can be considered as the most popular media streaming platform that you can find out there. Millions of people visit YouTube with the objective of watching videos on a daily basis. Out of them, certain videos on YouTube receive a lot of popularity when compared to others. If you are reading this, you must … Read more