Game Development as a Career

A lot has to be considered when choosing a career. We all have a goal of making a good fortune out of our careers. That means we go to school in anticipation of a job with good returns. Other than returns, most people would want a job that they enjoy doing.  Most game developers probably … Read more

Top Twitch Game Streamers

Gamers have taken social media now a day, every third person on social media is streaming the games. They upload their commentary on games or live stream the games. All they try is to create a loyal fan building. Many game streamers have reached an insane level of popularity throughout the years and have millions … Read more

How Big is the Mobile Gaming Market?

Well, we are advanced now. Everyone has skipped the Snake game on their phones. I still remember to play the Nokia phone games the famous Snake game and the puzzle Sudoku game. Now I see everyone is playing games on mobile. In my childhood, we were used to playing games on our personal computers. Then … Read more