Top hotel management software

If you own a small hotel, or if you’re in charge of managing one, finding the right software fit is especially important because, without a suitable software solution, you’re wasting time and money. These are major things that take you away from your customers and keep you from providing a stellar guest experience. The thing … Read more

Software Versioning

Do you know what software version numbers are? Have you ever thought about how to version a release of your software? What approach should you take? Have you ever taken a look at the software under your use and asked yourself what approach did they take, or whether you should continue using them? In this … Read more

Blender – Software Overview

What is Blender? Blender is a 3D creation suite that is best for animation, rigging, compositing, simulation, modeling, video editing, game creation, and motion tracking. This software is rich in features and dynamism. It is the game engine with comprehensive modeling tools. It is useful to make animation videos, 3D games, 3D applications, and other … Read more