Dark Web

As the name suggests, the Dark Web is such a type of content that is encrypted and is not indexed by search engines but requires the specific software or authorizations to access that content. This content does not appear through regular browsers. It is often confused with the deep web. Deep web refers to web … Read more

Zero-Day Attack

The attack that exploits the serious software security weakness to which the developer is unaware. It is also referring as Day Zero. It is a flaw at its core. Zero-day exploitation is an unknown exploit and can create complicated problems for the software or hardware. The day on which the interested party learns about the … Read more

DDOS Attack

Security breaches have made headlines during the past year than ever before. Stories about DDos attacks, security leaks and repeated admonishments from professionals have contributed a lot towards the above mentioned fact. Most of the businesses that exist out there in the world are dealing with sensitive information. As a result, they have got the … Read more


Cyberwarfare is real. Governments around the globe are gearing up for it. Here’s is what you need to know. What is cyberwarfare? Simply put, cyberwarfare involves digital attacks by nation/state-sponsored hackers on the networks, systems and data of another state, with the aim of creating damage, disruption and destruction. That might involve destroying, altering or … Read more