Zynga – Company Overview

Zynga is a social game developer, based in United States. They are one of the leading social game providers out there in the world. Zynga started the operations back in the year 2007. Company headquarters are located in San Francisco.

One of the unique factors about Zynga is that they are focusing more on the development of games for social networking sites and mobile platforms. In fact, the company is currently on a mission to connect the entire world with the help of games.

You can find some prominent games that Zynga has launched in the past. FarmVille is a perfect example for such a game. This game was launched in the year 2009. It didn’t take a long time for the game to receive over 10 million active users. In fact, the game because extremely popular within just six weeks. As of now, the games developed by Zynga are being played by more than 30 million people who live out there in the world. 

History of Zynga

Zynga is a company that started business operations in the year 2007. Justin Waldron, Eric Sciiermeyer and Mark Pincus are the founders of the company. Initial name of the company was Presidio Media. However, the name was changed to Zynga back in the year 2010. 

Zynga was one of the very first Facebook based app developers to get the most out of the social media network. They developed numerous games, which became popular among people who are on Facebook. Out of those games, FarmVille received a lot of attention. Texas Hold ‘Em Poker is another popular game that was released under. Along with the popularity of FarmVille game, Zynga also launched another game called CityVille of the same genre. 

Business model of Zynga

When you deep dive and take a look at the business model of Zynga, you will notice that it is a free to play business model. In fact, Zynga is generating revenues through partner businesses as well as direct credit card payments that are made by gamers. Inside the games offered by Zynga, the company is offering virtual goods. People who need to level up in the games with ease spend their money and purchase these goods. On the other hand, Zynga is offering banner advertisements inside the games as well. They are contributing heavily towards the revenue that the company is generating as of now. 

Zynga is linked with numerous partners. Players are provided with the freedom to accept the credit card offers that are sent on their way. Or else, they can buy the offers delivered by partners of Zynga or take part in the surveys. Along with that, the players are provided with the chance to buy in-game credits needed for leveling up in the Zynga game. 

In the year 2012, Zynga was able to come up with its own social gaming system as well. You can access it via Zynga.com official website. 

Bitcoin payments offered by Zynga

Bitcoin can be considered as the most popular currency option available in the world of online gambling. You can find a large number of casinos in the present world which offer Bitcoin as the primary currency. Zynga, who have established a prominent place in the social game developing have recently announced that they will be planning to accept Bitcoins as their payment option for a selected number of games, which can be downloaded through Zynga.com. This transformation has officially been announced through their Reddit page and the users are waiting anticipated until the change takes place. 

Zynga has already established partnerships with the BitPay, which is a popular Bitcoin payment processor out there. This will be beneficial for almost all the players who play online games with different currencies. Therefore, I believe that it will be a good future ahead of the players of Castle Ville, Farmville 2, Chef Ville, Hidden Chronicles, Coaster Ville, City Ville and Hidden Shadows, who play these games on Zynga.com. They must have got thousands of requests from players to include Bitcoins as a currency throughout the past few years. Bitcoins is a convenient currency option available for both websites and gamers. 

Zynga has already launched a trial run for the new currency option and they are in the process of collecting feedback from their players. They are planning to expand the usage of that currency depending on the replies that they get from customers. However, they have not yet announced when they will be launching this test for the mobile version of Zynga. There are thousands of players who play games on this mobile version and it is better if they can implement it as soon as possible. 

Zynga has been facing a few issues related to their earnings over the past few months. They have been trying different options in order to provide a quality service for their gamers and get a good profit in return. This new option can be considered as a great move taken by them in order to expand the currency options and provide a convenient service for all the gamers. In last October, they went through a huge cost cutting process in order to save the company. But I believe that they can come back to normal with this new introduction. 

Also, Betcoin, which is an expansive mood in online gambling announced that they will be planning to expand their currency options and get more currencies other than Bitcoins. According to the Betcoin Chief Operations Officer James Mason, they are planning to implement new currency options such as Namecoin, Primecoin and Litecoin. Many more currencies are there on the list, but they will give more priority towards these three, just to get an idea how good they will be going. Their website is in the process of launching these new currencies and the players will be able to experience it within few months. 

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