Zapier – Company Overview

Zapier is one of the most popular online automation tools that you can find out there in the world. Along with the development of technology, people prefer to automate numerous activities that they come across. This has created an ideal environment for the increasing popularity of Zapier. People in today’s world, especially business owners tend to use Zapier along with Mail Chimp and Gmail in order to get work done.

If there is a repetitive task, there is a possibility to automate it. Upon automation, it is possible to make sure that a person doesn’t have to attend to it. That’s where Zapier comes into play. Zapier acts as an excellent platform, which people can use to automate repetitive tasks that they come across. One of the most outstanding features available in Zapier is the ability to remain independent from developers. When you start using Zapier, you will not come across the need to work along with developers and proceed with integration. You are provided with complete freedom to get the automation work done on your own and make the life easy.

History of Zapier

Zapier was started back in the year 2011. Columbia in Missouri was the birthplace of the company. Co-founders who got together to make this initiative a success include Mike Knoop, Bryan Helmig and Wade Froster. They wanted to form a startup and they decided to take part in a startup competition and pitch the idea. That’s where the idea behind Zapier came out and started grabbing the attention of people.

The idea of Zapier didn’t become a success in the very first instance. It was rejected within the very first funding cycle that it applied to. However, the co-founders didn’t get disappointed with it. Instead, they got motivated, which helped them to develop a new initial prototype along with 25 different apps. This enhanced version of the concept was approved by the startup seed accelerator called Y Combinator. It took place during the summer in 2012. As a result, the co-founders got funding needed to proceed with their initiative.

Along with the acceptance, the company went ahead and moved to a bigger location in Mountain View, California. Along with that, Zapier was able to raise capital funding of around $1.3 million. It was more than enough for Zapier to go ahead and put their ideas into action. That’s how the automation platform was developed. 

Back in the year 2017, Zapier Company went ahead and started providing a de-location package. This de-location package offered a moving reimbursement to all the employees who were looking forward to move into the San Francisco Bay Area and work for the company. When this announcement was officially made, the company received a large number of new job applications as well. In fact, the number of applicants for available vacant positions at Zapier increased by around 50%. 

Service offered by Zapier

As mentioned earlier, Zapier is entirely an online automation tool. The main objective of this online automation tool is to deliver all the support needed by people to connect their favorite apps. As of now, there is a possibility to connect a large number of apps with the support and assistance offered by Zapier. Some perfect examples for such apps include Mail Chimp, Gmail and Slack. However, the number of apps are not just limited to these and you will be able to discover many other great apps, which you can connect and automate. Hence, you will be able to proceed with configuration and make sure that you are not spending too much of time and effort to manage them. You can easily automate the operations and enjoy all the benefits that come on your way along with that. 

One of the best things about integrations that are done with Zapier is that there is no need to have a developer. It is possible to get the integrations done on their own. The workflows have been simplified by Zapier to make the life easy for all the people who work with them. Hence, a person who has basic technical expertise will be able to get work done with Zapier, without spending lots of efforts. 

For example, assume that you need to move some of the attachments that you have in your Gmail into Dropbox. You will be able to get the job done with Zapier. In order to do that, you will need to integrate Gmail and Dropbox with Zapier. Then you can follow the steps that are shown to you and develop the logic to grab the Gmail attachments and move them to Dropbox. The ability to get work done with Zapier is simple as that and you don’t need to worry about anything. 

Zapier is a tool that is in a position to deliver thousands of workflows for the users. It is up to the users to explore these different workflows and get their work done. The user interface offered by Zapier is quite simple as well. Hence, a person will be able to get used to Zapier without spending too much of effort. Upon getting used to Zapier, all you have to do is to use the functionality and get your work done. It will be a simple process, which you will fall in love with.

The company Zapier is currently on its way to become the most prominent automation platform available for the people. They have been able to achieve that goal up to a great extent. However, the company is currently planning to introduce some new and innovative features to Zapier and make that even more innovative. Then it will be possible to get the most out of Zapier and ensure that human effort is minimized at the time of getting things done. Along with that, it will be possible to take the productivity to a whole new level with ease.

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