Zalman – Company Overview

Zalman is a company based in South Korea. This company focuses on the development of aftermarket desktop computer parts. The main focus of the company is to enhance cooling capabilities of the computers. Therefore, people are provided with the opportunity to keep their desktop computers cool and get effective work done at the end of the day. 

Zalman was founded back in the year 1999. Since then, the company has invested lots of time and effort on the development of some innovative products to the market. Due to the same reason, it is possible to find how the company is holding numerous patents as of now as well. These patents are about products, which focus on offering fan noise reduction in the personal computers and then cooling the personal computers.

People who are using personal computer systems are facing a variety of challenges. The high amount of noise and heat generated by the computer systems can be considered as the most prominent challenge among them. In fact, the personal computer system users are trying out many different methods in order to take better control over heat and noise generated by their systems. This is where they can take a look at the products that Zalman is offering to the market.

Zalman specializes in offering fan solutions to the market. In addition to the fan solutions, it is also possible to find how Zalman is offering numerous heat sink solutions for the CPUs as well. On top of that, people who are frustrated with the sound generated by power supplies can think about purchasing the quiet power supplies that Zalman is offering to the market. On the other hand, Zalman is offering graphics card heat sinks, motherboard chipset coolers, computer water cooling systems, laptop coolers, hard disk cases and numerous other noise reduction cases as well. As you can see, Zalman is a company that focuses on providing a great assistance to the computer users with overcoming the challenges that they are facing. 

You can find numerous competitor companies offering similar products to Zalman. However, Zalman is standing way ahead of competition. That’s because no other competitor has been able to match the level of innovativeness that Zalman is offering along with the products that they launch to the market.

History of Zalman

Zalman was a company that was launched in the year 1999. Headquarters of the company is located in South Korea. However, the company has now successfully captured the western market and it has got an office in USA as well. 

Company was formed in order to fill in one of the biggest gaps that existed in the market. In fact, they wanted to move forward with noiseless computing. However, the technologies used by the mainstream computer manufacturers were not in a position to provide noiseless personal computers to the market. That’s where Zalman made the decision to come up with its own range of aftermarket products. People who were struggling with the noise generated by their personal computers were encouraged to purchase what is available to them through Zalman and overcome the hassle with minimum troubles. 

Business diversification is one of the key strengths, which contributed heavily towards the success of Zalman in the past. The company was initially focusing on the manufacturing of low noise fans. However, later they introduced numerous other products, which included power supplies, CPU cookers, laptop coolers, PC cases and many other goods. All of them were surrounded by dual stereo headphones and surround sound products as well. Along with that, the company ventured to the manufacturing of gaming peripherals as well.

As of now, Zalman is playing a major role as a thermal solution specialist. The company has got clients from all parts of the world. Moreover, Zalman is also performing as a total PC solutions provider as well.

Products offered by Zalman

All the products that Zalman is offering to the market are focusing to help people to experience noiseless computing. In addition to that, these aftermarket parts are trying to provide assistance for the people with reducing the hassle created by heat generation as well.

Following are the most prominent products that are available to you under Zalman brand.

  • Zalman cooling fans 

The Zalman cooling fans are not generating any noise at all. However, they don’t have any compromised cooling capabilities. These fans are running at their optimal speeds to help you cool down your personal computer systems with ease. Therefore, you don’t need to worry too much about anything. All you have to do is to rely on the performance offered by Zalman and stick to them. These cooling fans are compatible with AMD and Intel computers. 

  • Cases

Personal computer cases offered by Zalman are impressive. There is a massive collection of PC cases available for sale under the Zalman brand. There is something for everyone in terms of design and functionality. The best thing about these PC cases is that all of them are designed to help people to ensure maximum cooling effects. Moreover, they provide a noiseless operation as well.

  • Power supplies

Power supplies are making lots of noise as well. People who want to overcome that noise and refrain from getting disturbed at the time of using computers can take a look at the power supplies offered by Zalman. These are some of the best power supplies available in the market to be purchased as of now as well.

  • Computer peripherals 

Zalman is offering computer peripherals as well. These products were recently launched to the market under Zalman brand. They offer computer keyboards and mouse, which offer the best functionality. They deliver a smooth functionality for the users at all times.

  • Audio devices

When talking about the audio devices that Zalman is offering to the market, you cannot ignore the speakers and the audio cards. They are known for delivering exceptional performance as well.

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