VMT GMBH [company]

VMT is a well-known company that deals in providing innovative ideas and solutions for logistics management, navigation technologies, and many other things. This company mainly deals with the tunnel project. They ensure a streamlined process that gives modern and networked solutions for all the tunnel projects. One of the biggest factors is the 3D  measurement of segments and modules. 

VMT combines these technologies to offer tunnel boring solutions, underground logistics solutions, and deformation monitoring systems for tunneling, mining, the nuclear industry, and the energy sector. VMT is one of the few technology companies in these segments to also be involved in the construction of its products. This enables us to create optimal solutions that are individually tailored to each project, ensuring maximum efficiency while at the same time safeguarding that construction deadlines are met on time. VMT has created an exceptional reputation for itself in the mining industry, with projects in Europe, Asia, and America. This reputation is testified to by the numerous national and international awards that our machinery has received in recent years.

VMT company was established in 1994 by Dipl,-Ing, (FH) Manfred Messing as a two-man surveyor’s office. Over the years the company expanded and now they gave approximately 220 workers at their headquarter in Bruchsal Germany. Apart from it they also have 4 subsidiaries and 3 representations across the continent. They have completed thousands of tunneling projects with their navigation monitoring, information, and communication system.  In July 2014, VMT Company won a tender for Supply, Installation, and Commissioning of tunnel deformation monitoring system (DMS) for the Nissan ITR tunnel project in Yokohama. The company was awarded this project based on its experience and track record in supplying DMS systems for various tunnel projects.

In November 2014, VMT Company won a tender for the project management and inspection services for the construction and demolition works of the first section of E6 Flisa – Lading Tunnel in Norway. The company won this project based on their experience and vast knowledge of construction works in tunnels.

In January 2016, VMT Company won a tender for the automated inspection system for the Kazanka River Bridge in Russia. This company won this project based on its technical expertise and experience in supplying tunnel monitoring systems.

Over the years, VMT diversified its activities into new technologies for the mining industry. The VMT Group’s projects have ranged from the installation of the tunnel boring equipment to the construction of ores crushing plants to power plants, projects for nuclear energy, big dams, and tunnels for transport systems. They 

VMT has built over 100 tunnel machines for mining projects throughout Canada, Europe, and the United States. The VMT Group’s products are mainly used underground. The VMT Group’s main activities are:

VMT also makes deformation monitoring devices used in mines (such as deformation monitoring systems (FMS), deformation monitoring cameras (DMC) and deformation monitoring sensors (DMS)), protective fencing systems, underground logging installations, and subgrade support systems for tunnels, subways or subways under construction.

The company has also proposed projects for the construction of elevators that would link the departure level of Montréal’s two subway stations, Berri-UQAM and Mont-Royal.

VMT has developed a new generation of tunnel boring machines that are more compact, lighter, and more powerful than conventional systems. Each machine is made up of two basic elements: Its new generation tunnel boring machine can bore tunnels in soft clay, clay, sandy clay, and rock with diameters ranging from 6 to 24 inches (150 mm to 600 mm).

VMT controls the moveable segments using electric motors. These are integrated into the machine’s base frame to ensure maximum maneuverability in narrow spaces. The system is designed to be easy to use and fast to install, with the machine’s track segments ready to be assembled once they arrive on-site.

This technology is currently used in the construction of the EPR Nuclear Power Plant at Olkiluoto, Finland. VMT offers solutions for mining mines with its shiploader. This includes trucks that are capable of handling 12-tonne loads. VMT has also constructed 300-tonne haul trucks for use on open-pit mines. VMT also supplies various kinds of equipment for the construction of underground tunnels, including: 

VMT is a market leader in the provision of tunnel boring machines used in mines, with a wide range of models and a large capacity. It has installed its machines in the most productive underground mines in Canada, China, and Europe. The flexible service portfolio encompasses support throughout the entire project phase from consultation and development through installation, commissioning, and operation of systems for monitoring deformation processes until long-term maintenance of production plants. 

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