Uber – Company Overview

What is Uber?

Uber is the most used, easy, inexpensive and very secure taxi service worldwide. This is easy to use and everyone can get it within minutes. It looks pretty cool to call the private driver to pick you up from your destination just with one click from your smartphone. This is secure in the way it shows the exact route on your phone so you can check where is driver taking you? So, in case of any wrong path, you can take instant action. It usually sends the nearby drivers to pick you. This not only shows you your route but also helps you to see where is your driver and from where he is coming to pick you? You can also schedule your trips so; you can go on the plan. Uber is the location-based app that helps you to get private drivers on demands. There is no issue with the fare. The fare is estimated according to time takes to reach the destination. The detail of payment is shown on both smartphones of the driver and the passenger.

As far as the drivers concerned, Uber provides them enough amount. It makes you your boss. You can also get some tips from the customers and takes as many passengers as you want. It not only helps you to get enough amount of money also makes you explore new paths and new people. It was launched in San Francisco, California and now working in almost 670 plus countries around the world. The current worth of Uber is $82 billion. So, everything is in the Uber app. You do not have to deal outside it with the driver. In case of any issue, you can also complain about your trip. The rating system is something about which driver is much concerned.

History of Uber:

  • Uber is the transportation service that was started in 2009 and founded by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick and a fist named Uber Cab. They tried to make the most affordable service for the users and by analyzing the multiple services and fare detail they founded Uber cab.
  • In 2010, Ryan Graves became the very first employee of the Uberaba and he took the position of the general manager. He was offered 5% to 10% of the company. After some time, he was named as the CEO of the company.
  • This Cab service continued to flourish and they made many advancements. In 2011, The name of the company was changed to Uber. The Uber was raised to $37 Million in series A.
  • In 2012, Uber introduced the new feature of UberX this was the service that allowed people to drive their cars under the supervision of this company. After that, they also paved many other ways to other services. Now they are the biggest transportation dealer all over the world. They even have helicopter service.
  • Nowadays Uber has expanded the business in more than 670 plus countries and they have a total worth of $82 billion which is raised from $20 billion in 2016. Uber is trying to revolutionize the transport service. They are a trustful household brand now.

Services of Uber and Different Car Tiers:

Uber is an international transportation service that provides a variety of services and has different preferences. You can find different car options according to your needs. So, it is totally up to you what you choose. However, there are the following car tiers and services:

UberX– This is the most standard and basic car tier of Uber. It is the basic SUV or sedan and is usually set up for the four people. So, it is good for groups or families to need.

UberXL– It is a wider car than the UberX and it has a total of six seats. It includes a minivan or SUV. It cannot include the sedan.

Black– This is the high-end model of the cars and it is derived from the professional drivers. It is somehow the luxury vehicle and expensive too. It is okay for a total of four people. So, good for a squad.

Select– This is also the high-end car model and luxury too. It sometimes includes a sports car. The sports car is large. It is also good for four people.

WAV– This is a very good decision to disable people or patients. It has the lever to raise or lower the vans and a specific place for the chair. It also has seats for four people.

There is the changing care tier according to the location and country. Some Asian countries they also provide the service of Motorbikes and many more. They also help you to convey the food or other products to your home by the cargo service. You can avail other services like

  • UberBOAT
  • UberEATS
  • UberTAXI
  • Uber Freight

How to use Uber?

Uber is very easy to use and understandable for everyone. Just make sure to sign up for Uber. They will demand the contact number and Email address from you. Give them the authentic information and about it. Then click to sign in. You are on Uber. You can do payment by different methods like Cash or Uber funds. The Uber funds are added from your bank account. There are many promo codes available according to different places and situations.

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