Twitter – Company Overview

A social networking and microblogging service that interacts with the users by short messages known as ‘tweets. Posting of the short messages is called tweeting and these short messages for anyone. The company is based in San Francisco, California and it has almost 25 offices in the different regions of the world. Twitter is how much friendly; it can be tracked by the thousands of the interesting tweets with great content. It seems like an ideal for modern attention internationally.

History of Twitter

Noah Glass, Biz Stone, Evan Williams, and Jack Dorsey created Twitter in March 2006, but it was publicly launched in July 2006. With the short duration of time, the company had gained worldwide popularity. There are more than 100 million users that tweeting in 2012. Till 2018, there are more than 321 million users that are monthly active on Twitter.

Working of the Twitter

AS a broadcaster or a receiver, it is very easy to use. Anyone can join Twitter by just signing up a free account on the company site with his personal information and the Twitter name. after creating an account, the user will be able to tweet daily, hourly or at any time he may want. Writing the short content which the user wants to share and then clicking the ‘Tweet’ will share that broadcast to the site for other users. It will be visible to the people who follow you on Twitter. Till 2017, the character limit for a Tweet is just 140 characters but in 2017, twitter extended the limit of the tweet to 280 characters per tweet.

Sharing good content will attract other people and they follow you and receive your tweets in their Twitter feeds. You can also follow them back who follow you to receive their tweets in your Twitter feeds.

Twitter is just so simple. At any time, going into the account and then reading the Twitter feed which is showing the shares and views of people which you are following.

Why people use Twitter?

For attention, vanity, shameless self-promotion of the web pages or simple boredom, people use Twitter and tweet to share ideas on Twitter. However, the majority of the users used for recreation. They just tweet randomly and then revel in the number of the peoples reading their tweets.

Now, a large number of users are sharing useful and informative content, and this is the real value of Twitter. It is a platform for quick updates from friends, family, and scholars internationally. Twitter empowers the people for sharing good ideas and informative content that is interesting for the people. One can decide itself that which type of content he wants t follow as all kind of content is available on Twitter.

Twitter as Social Media

Twitter is discovering interesting and informative peoples across the world and it is becoming a social messaging tool. Follow the people of your interest and work or hobbies and then share your ideas and knowledge every day. A lot of people use it for advertising their consulting businesses or recruiting services. Due to personal and rapid, it has become the most used social media platform. Celebrities are using it to create a connection between them and their fans. They share their ideas or activities with their followers and compelling and motivating the people who follow them.

Content on Twitter

Various researches are made about the content shared on Twitter. One of them divided the content shared in tweets into six categories. Among them 40% are pointless babbles, 38% are conversational. 9% of the tweets have a Pass-along value while 5.9% are self-promoting. 3.8% of the tweets shared are scams and only 4% are news tweets.

There can be group posts on Twitter by using hashtags. For any topic or type that is common for many people are shared by using a # sign before that word or topic. Many people sharing the same topic or words at the same time make the trend on Twitter. The content shared by the Twitter user can be retweeted to share that content in your account Twitter feeds. In the field of education, Twitter is also growing and sharing the research news among the students helps effectively to communicate the students and faculty.

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