Toshiba – Company Overview

Toshiba is a leading multinational company based in Japan. The headquarters of Toshiba is located in the capital city of Japan, Tokyo. It is providing a diverse collection of products and services for the people who are in need of them. They include communications equipment and IT equipment. On the other hand, you can find how Toshiba is offering a large number of electronic equipment, computer systems, power systems, and industrial systems to the market. Throughout the past, the company has been able to receive positive results by diversifying the business in an effective manner. Therefore, people are provided with the chance to get numerous requirements catered with the support and assistance offered by Toshiba.

Toshiba is a public company, which is currently listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In addition to that, the company is listed in the London Stock Exchange and Nagoya Stock Exchange as well. When you take a look at the list of leading semiconductor manufacturers in the world, you will notice that Toshiba is holding the 9th position in terms of volume. 

You will notice that the business model of Toshiba is made out of four prominent groups. They include the social infrastructure group, home appliances group, electronic devices group and digital products group. 

History of Toshiba

Toshiba was discovered by Tanaka Hisashige. He was one of the most innovative engineers in Japan. The very first product offered by Toshiba was the manufacturing of telegraph equipment. Moreover, the company ventured into the manufacturing of switches and numerous other communications equipment as well. Then the company was inherited by the son of Tanaka. He was an innovative person and he was able to diversify the products that are manufactured by Toshiba. 

It was in the year 1939 where Toshiba was founded. Along with that, it was able to become a large company by going through numerous transformations throughout the recent past. Throughout history, you will notice that Toshiba is a company that focused heavily on innovation. For example, Toshiba is the very first company to come up with manufacturing electric lamps. On the other hand, Toshiba was able to venture into the production of numerous other consumer electronics. These consumer electronics catered the needs of people who were in need. Therefore, the company could experience a rapid organic growth within a short period of time. 

Some of the innovative products that Toshiba was able to introduce to the market for the very first time include color video phone, Japanese word processor, TAC digital computer, transistor television, and radar and MR system. On top of everything, the very first personal laptop was also introduced to the market by the experts who are working at Toshiba. Moreover, some of the products that Toshiba could innovate include the DVD, sub-notebook personal computer, and NAND ERPROM. 

In the year 1977, Toshiba was able to go ahead and acquire a company in Brazil. This company was named as Semp. Along with that, the company could venture into capturing new markets with ease. Toshiba closely maintained relationships with a large number of Western countries such as the United States. This helped the company to get exposed to numerous innovative technologies. Along with that, the company could come up with some excellent products to the market as well.

As of now, Toshiba has sold most of the shares to Sharp. However, the company is operating and it is still introducing innovative products to the market and catering to the needs of people who are willing to make their lives easy. 

Products offered under Toshiba

There is a massive volume of products that Toshiba has introduced to the consumer market. Out of these products, a considerable percentage are first time products. This is the main reason available for anyone to call Toshiba as a company that is moving forward with innovation. It is providing much-needed support and assistance for the company to reach greater heights without facing any difficulties. 

The following are the most prominent products that Toshiba has launched to the market.

  • Toshiba television

Toshiba was one of the most reliable and durable television suppliers to the market. During the initial days, Toshiba manufactured televisions with cathode ray tubes. Along with time, Toshiba adopted new technologies. Therefore, you were able to see Toshiba LCD televisions in the market as well.

  • Toshiba laptops

Toshiba was the brand, which took pride for launching the very first personal laptop to the market. Personal laptops are extremely popular among people who live out there in the world. It was Toshiba, which took the initiative to offer personal laptops to the market and cater to the needs of people who are looking forward to getting hold of them.

  • Toshiba air conditioners

The Toshiba air conditioners are known for their performance. You will be able to get a hassle-free experience with the Toshiba air conditioners that you purchase. On the other hand, these air conditioners are known for ensuring efficiency as well. People can purchase the Toshiba air conditioner for both personal use and industrial use. No matter what, the air conditioners will make sure that people are saving the most amount of money in the long run.

  • Toshiba hard disk drives

The Toshiba hard disk drives are quite popular in the market. The durability associated with these hard disk drives is the main reason behind the popularity. People believe that the Toshiba hard disk drives are in a position to last for a longer duration of time, without fail. Hence, they are in a position to get useful work done without facing many difficulties with the support offered by Toshiba hard disk drives.

  • Toshiba HD DVD 

Toshiba is the company to introduce DVD to the market as well. These DVDs are still popular among people. 

As you can see, Toshiba is offering numerous products to the consumer and industrial markets. We can expect the company to do the same in the future as well. 

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