We all need technology to live in the modern era. In this scenario computers and laptops are essential. We are observing that people are shifting their business to the digital system. About 10 years ago only a few of us were used to do online shopping. Look at us now, we order every essential from online stores. 

Almost every third person is going to online businesses. For this purpose, they all need desktops, computers, notebooks, and laptops. There are several brands in the market that are selling these products. But when it comes to the open-source software and free software, there is only a bunch of operating systems. In this field, system76 is the most useful operating system. 

What is System76?

System76 is the private computer manufacturing company that is located in Denver, Colorado, United States. This company was founded 15 years ago, in 2005 by Carl Richell and Erik Fetzer. This company is currently working on the 40 number of employees. System76 is also selling their hand-crafted Thelio desktops and people are thinking that these are the most exciting machines. The majority of customers love to purchase laptops from them. 

They sell almost every type of computer, the notebook is the best option for the average computer users, and for the gamers, they need hardcore power desktops. This company produces products that are able to work in different locations according to the need of customers. Apart from this system76 has a wide range of laptops that are available at different costs. You can get the laptops from them ranging from under $1,000 that is Galago Pro to the high-end expensive laptop worth of $2,000 that is Adder WS. Simply one can say that they have laptops that can meet the need and budget of people from all over the world. 

Now come to the notebooks of system76. The most beloved line of these notebooks is Lemur. This line of system76 is more appealing because of affordability, durability, and balanced performance. We are not saying that they are the thinnest or the pretties. But, durability is the thing that makes them special. 

History of System76:

Initially, in 2003, a domain was registered by Fetzer. This was registered to sell the computers that had the preinstalled Linux operating system. This was the initial step and like all the startups it was not pursued. 

The biggest challenge was to consider which Linux distribution is best to use? This was important to bring the computer in the mass market and it was possible by the best choice of Linux. Customers always pay attention to the best thing in the whole market. They continued to work and selected the options like Yoper, OpenSUSE, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. But, later these options were dismissed. They also rejected Ubuntu but later they give it a thorough evaluation. So, they made the right choice. 

They sold the first computers that were preinstalled with Ubuntu 5.10 Breezy Badger. Apart from this, Richell was fond of Canonicals’ business model that is free of cost. It was backed by commercial support as it was essential. After that time, they made different changes. In May 2017 system76 launched a new shell theme that is known as Pop. in June 2017, they announced that they are creating their own Linux distribution based on Ubuntu known as Pop-OS. 

Why the Company was named  System76?

The name system76 is totally different as compared to the other computer manufacturing companies in the market. The number 76 in system76b depicts the year 1976. In 1976 the American Revolution took place. They made it base and they are hoping to initiate an open-source revolution. This essential for the customers because they do not always love to rely on proprietary software. 

Products of system76:

System76 has a wide range of products that include laptops, desktops, and notebooks. One of the most interesting things is the name of these products. All the names of products are decided after the fauna of Africa. So, let’s start with the Past system. 

Past system products:

These products include: –

  • Silverback Work station
  • Leopard Work station
  • Wild Dog Pro


There is a long list of laptops by system76: –

  • Oryx Pro 
  • Lemur
  • Lemur Pro
  • Galago Pro 
  • Kudu Pro
  • Gazelle
  • Darter Pro
  • Bonbo Work station
  • Serval Work station

Desktops by System76:

  • Thelio 
  • Thelio Massive
  • Thelio Major
  • Meerkat 

Pop! _OS is New in Town:

System76 also cares for the makers and developers. Computer science needs a more revolutionized operating system. Now, they are in the market with a new Pop! _OS. It is basically Linux distribution that is proposed by system76. It is based on Ubuntu by Canonical Ltd. They made it by using the GNOME Desktop Environment. It is the most useful for computer science professionals. It works by providing the full disk encryption by default as well as the help of streamlined window management, keyboard shortcuts, and workspaces. 

Final Verdict:

System76 is here with a lot of different computer products. They make sure to provide the best product that is compatible with your budget and needs. Now they have launched Pop! _OS and Lemur Pro. They are providing us with products that are more expandable, long-lasting, and of course portable. If you are also interested to find a new computer, system76 is a better option for you. 

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