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STREEM is an all-inclusive real-time online media intelligence platform. Advancement in technology saw the establishment of Streem in 2013. The main goal is to provide the media teams with access to news as it happens. In the age of the internet and with more than 80% internet penetration, Streem offers a one-stop platform where people can access, monitor, and analyze news from different sources (i.e., print, online, TV, radio, and social media).

Stream has helped in revolutionizing and driving innovation in the media intelligence sector. To access the platform, you need an internet connection.


Stream was started in 2013 by two visionaries, Elger Welch and Antoine Sabourin, to deliver real-time media monitoring and analysis. However, the platform was introduced to people in 2014. As at its inception, the early-stage customers were using Streem as a desktop and mobile platform. This marked the beginning of Streem’s influence on driving innovation in the media intelligence sector.

In 2015, Streem became the first media monitor to introduce real-time Television and Radio-tracking. This move allowed the customers to see their media mentions as they went on air. Later that year, Streem made another milestone by introducing real-time audience data and analysis to the platform. Audience data analysis gave the customers live insight into the impact of media coverage.

In 2014 and 2015, Streem audience was for individual customers in Australia. However, Streem started to take root, and in 2016, it had reached both corporate and government media teams. Besides, industries such as education, advocacy, law firms, and transport bought into Streem. In mid-2016, the customers were now able to stream radio alerts within minutes of the broadcast.

With big shorts, such as former APP media research group MD Keith Forbes, Quantium’s Tony Davis, Former ACCC chairman Graeme Samuel, joining Streem, it gained popularity. It started delivering print content from hundreds of metro, regional, and suburban publications in Australia wide. Major government organizations and corporate (i.e., Airbnb, agl, ANZ, ALD, AFL, and Samsung) began switching to Streem.

Streem has successfully integrated licensed print, online, TV, radio, and social media. Besides, it has now opened a dedicated media intelligence hub in the heart of Surry Hills and has employed much staff and continued increase in the number of customers. To its design, Streem has integrated an Instant Insight, a tool that allows media teams to analyze the coverage by volume, geography, the share of voice, sentiment, key markets, and audience. In its glory, Streem has created a platform that combines people and tech by creating a new breed of media monitoring company.


An organization’s success is highly influenced by the team members, their skills, and their dedication towards the shared vision. As a media intelligence platform, there is a need for sharp minds from different sectors to be in play to bring what the customers need.  Streem has brought together a team of brilliant minds in media, communications, data, marketing, corporate, and government relation to ensure the smooth running of the company.

At the top of the ladder is the CEO and Business Lead, Algar Welch. Algar Welch, a former advisor to the prime minister’s office, managed the companies valuable content. Algar Welch works with a team of brilliant mind constituting of:

  • ANTOINE SABOURIN – Chief Technology Officer 
  • NINA HARRIOTT – Chief Customer Officer
  • KEITH FORBES – Chief Operation Officer & Commercial Director

Working closely with the executive team is the team of directors, bringing different expertise and experience to Streem media intelligence. 

  • SAMUEL MARKS – Non-Executive Director
  • KARYN MUNSIE – Non-Executive Director
  • DAVID WAKELEY – Non-Executive Director

With this team leading the organization, Streem delivers thousands of stories across Print, Online, TV, Radio, and Social content within minutes of publication or broadcast, helping their customers to measure and respond to news as it happens.


In media, timely and accurate news is essential. As an online media intelligence platform, accurate and licensed sources are key for building brand loyalty. If the platform does not provide timely news, the chances of losing customers are very high, considering they have an alternative of acquiring the information. Bringing more than one source of news in one platform provides a convenient way for the customers to go through various news from different sources. 

Streem remains competitive and has built its brand by getting, on one platform, licensed:

  • Print 
  • TV 
  • Radio
  • Online
  • Social media

 The five sources of news help Streem implore different types of audiences with different preferences of news. Streem being an online platform, also appeal to Australians living outside Australia who does not have access to local media.

Target Market

 Australians are the major target of Streem. However, the structure of Streem accommodated people interested to know about what is happening in Australia. Besides, Streem media intelligence receives its news from different sources, making sure all the age groups are represented. 

Although the context is Australian, some sources of news also cover international news. Given that the Streem is online, it, therefore, appeals to people who reside outside Australia. The content is free and available to everyone. Stream also allows customers to choose the method they wish to stream their news on. The customers can stream on desktop, mobile, or email.

Website Experience

Stream website is .The website is both desktop and mobile-friendly. On the homepage, you are reassured of the timeliness and accuracy of the news you get from the company. The website has a live background that makes you feel; you are indeed in an intelligence media platform. 

At the topmost part of the website, we have a navigation bar that presents the website’s different pages. The pages include: 

    • Monitoring & Insights
    • News
    • Blog
    • About 
      • Case Studies
      • Team
      • Streem’s Story
      • Careers
      • Privacy
    • Demo
    • (02) 9319 0276
    • Sign in

As a visitor on the website, you can provide your personal details for a more personalized orientation to the media monitoring and analysis. 

On a loop, you get to see all the organization that has switched to Streem media intelligence. The different features and news sources are well explained, giving the visitor an overview of what to expect on the platform. The features are well depicted with a graphical representation of each feature.

As you scroll down the page, there is an overview of their case studies and an option to arrange for a demo on the platform. At the bottom of the platform, you get their addresses and contact information in case of inquiries.


Data privacy, unsafe websites, and possible phishing site are a major worry to people visiting websites for services. Streem uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), a secure extension of HTTP. HTTPS is used for secure communication on computer networks. The Streem website also provides a privacy policy that ensures that personal data is well protected.


In the era of global interconnectedness, the digital revolution, and freedom of information, a platform that provides news that is accessible to anyone is the key. Streem team has put a lot of effort to ensure all the population range is well represented. Streem ensures that you get comprehensive real-time news for you as they happen. The customers get access to a platform they can monitor and analyze news at the comfort of their home. With the Internet penetration rate, Streem will take over the local and traditional media by moving them to the cloud.

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