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A gaming peripherals and accessories company; this organization was founded in 2001. Sitting pretty at the helm as the chief executive officer (CEO) is Ehtisham Rabban. The private limited company was founded by Jacob Wolff-Peterson and has its headquarters is in Frederiksberg, Denmark. Below is a brief history about the manufacturer.



After its formation in 2001 as Soft Trading, this company changed its name to SteelSeries in 2007. Since its foundation to renaming, the company would manufacture Icemat and steel pad mouse mats. The production of the Steel pad mouse mats advised the renaming of the company. A year after renaming, Steel Series made a strategic move. The company acquired Ideazone. The acquired organization was a developer of gaming peripherals. Based in North America, this was a great decision to appeal more to the American market.

In 2007 Michael Essen, the outgoing CEO, was replaced by Bruce Hawver. At the time of his replacement, he had done so well in making the brand so powerful. He took the company to the global stage for the almost six years he served.

Upon assumption of duty, Bruce ensured the brand grew further and the organization appealed to a wider market. A Steelseries Engine platform was made and more strategic decisions made. More acquisitions and partnerships were to follow. In 2012, Catterton Partners, an equity firm; massively invested in the company strengthening its financial muscle. Not only that, ClearVue Partners from China too put more money on the outfit. With these money pumps, it was becoming evident SteelSeries was growing in competitiveness. It did not end there. 2020 April saw Steel Series acquire Nahimic audio software developer, A-Volute.

As SteelSeries approaches the second decade in existence, a lot is in store for the manufacturer. Only time will tell how far this organization will go.



Teamwork is an important value behind the success of many organizations. Every sports team need this attribute to succeed, so do companies. SteelSeries is headed by a CEO, currently known as Ehtisham Rabbani. His team constitutes the following and their titles:

  • Tino Soelberg – Chief technology Officer (CTO)
  • Rene Andersen – Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Rune Berendtsen – Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Melissa Tomlinson – Vice President (VP)

With this team at the top, SteelSeries is able to make sober decisions that catapults the organization to the top. At the same time, internal operations go on smoothly with positive results there to be seen.

Other than internal operations, SteelSeries has external connections which anchors the organization’s market position. These partnerships involve organizations like:

  1. Hewlett-Packard
  2. MSI
  3. Blizzard Entertainment
  4. Gunnar Optiks
  5. Electronic Arts
  6. Valve

In addition to the partnerships, SteelSeries sponsors several teams in a bid to spread its brand’s reach and appeal to the sports world. Gaming and sports borrow a lot from each other. This makes sponsorships a great marketing idea. SteelSeries keeps evaluating these deals through cost benefit analyses. That is why they have been in and out several sponsorships. 



The quality of your products determine the level of competition you bring to the market. Not only that, the kind of products you manufacture determine how long you will last in your competitive niche. If your products do not meet customers’ needs, you can be sure to be thrown off the market very soon. SteelSeries remains competitive thanks to the high quality products they make.

The company majors in gaming peripherals which include:

  • Controllers
  • Headsets
  • Gaming surfaces
  • Keyboards
  • Mice 

With the above products, the company is able to appeal to its target market mentioned below.


Target Market

The major targets for SteelSeries are the gamers and sports lovers. Tech enthusiasts too fall in this spectrum. With production facilities in Denmark and America among other centers, SteelSeries is able to supply equal to its market’s demands. This has seen them grow in profits as demand increases.


Website Experience

A site is simply an online representation of an organization. A strong and impactful website adds to an organization’s market presence. The online space is becoming a viable green ground with companies scrambling for space. SteelSeries’ website is

The site is mobile friendly and eye catching. On opening the site, you will notice its presentation is well done with big fonts for all to see. Kudos to the designers! It is also user friendly and navigation is easy. Scrolling up or down is the way to peruse the site.

At the top right is the menu bar through which you can access anything you want. Next to the menu is a shopping basket and a search button. The shopping bucket allows you to shop while the search button gets you to whatever you want in a flash. Alternatively, you could scroll to the bottom of the page and find more options.



At the bottom of the Steel series website is a support button. Upon clicking the button, you will be required to pick a ticket. This will be auto done once you submit your complain. Being a major manufacturer, Steel Series experiences countless numbers of request. Sometimes, you will have to be patient enough and wait for your turn. The best thing is, you can be assured the ticket submitted was received and your issue will be sorted out as soon as they clear their line. Steel Series like any other organization ensures their clients are satisfied by taking care of all their issues as fast as possible. The support team never disappoints. You also get warranties for the products you purchase from Steel Series.



Steel Series continues to produce according to its clients’ needs. Anytime you have a concern, you can reach out to their support team through their website for help. Other than that, Steel Series continues to be a major manufacturer in the gaming world. Their site is one of the best as well as their products. The organization has an amazing history and is known to hire the best CEOs.   

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