SAP – Company Overview

SAP, which is also known as Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing can be considered as a prominent multinational software corporation that you can find in Europe. It is currently offering a large number of enterprise software solutions to the market. These software solutions are capable of helping businesses to streamline their operations and strengthen customer relationships in an effective manner.

SAP is extremely popular out there in the world because of the ERP system offered by them. You will be able to find numerous businesses that belong to a large number of industries using this ERP system. You can even call that as the most popular ERP system that you can find out there in the world. Headquarters of SAP is located in Waldorf in Germany. 

As of now, SAP has got more than 425,000 customers in all parts of the world. In fact, businesses that are located in 180 different countries are using the products and services offered by SAP.

History of SAP

SAP was formed along with the exit of Xerox from computer hardware manufacturing industry back in the year 1971. Along with this exit, it went ahead and asked IBM to migrate all the business systems to IBM Technology. It was supposed to be a part of compensation for the migration compensation. Then IBM was provided with rights to use Scientific Data Systems Software.

Five engineers from SAP were working on an enterprise system software based on that. However, they were later told that such a software is not needed. Since these five engineers have spent a lot of time and effort on the development of software, they didn’t just want to go ahead and abandon the project. That’s where they decided to leave IBM and start a new company on their own. That’s how SAP was established.

SAP was established in the month of July, 1972. The company started its business operations in the form of a private partnership. The company was initiated under the German Civil Code as well. Very first client of SAP was Imperial Chemical Industries, which was a German Branch. They went ahead and developed mainframe programs for accounting and payroll. They didn’t want to store data in punch cards in the mechanical way. In fact, that was the same method used by IBM for the storage of data as well. They wanted to go for an innovative solution, where they wanted to store data on electronic systems. This was supposed to be done in common local database for all the activities. In order to cater this need, they were able to come up with a real time system. 

Along with the implementation of new system, they no longer wanted to use punch cards. That’s the very first standalone version of the software developed by SAP came into play as well.

Business and markets of SAP 

During the year 2016, SAP was able to become the third largest company out there in the world in the software and programming industry. In fact, the company is operating in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Middle East and South America as of now.

 The company is offering its products and services to cater the needs of numerous industries as well. To be precise, SAP is catering the needs of 25 different industries. They include financial services, service industries, consumer industries, discrete industries and process industries. On top of that, SAP is offering its services in the public services industry as well. SAP is currently offering integrated product sets to a large number of enterprises that you can find out there in the world. In addition to that, numerous small businesses and mid-sized businesses are getting the support and assistance of what SAP is offering to the market as well.

When analyzing the products and services offered by SAP, it is worthy to take a look at the enterprise service oriented architecture. It is paired along with the SAP ERP to deliver a better experience to people at the end of the day. You will fall in love with what this can offer to you in the long run.

Along with that, you should also take a look at SAP Service Oriented Architecture. This is benefiting the companies that are using web services. In fact, companies that are using this solution will be able to improve business efficiency in an effective manner. It can also contribute a lot towards boosting overall flexibility.

The SAP market enterprises service oriented architecture is a cost-effective method available for the companies to go ahead and introduce new applications to an existing infrastructure. This flexibility is tempting a large number of companies out there in the world to start using it. You can also be one of the companies to get the most out of this platform and experience the benefits offered by it in the long run. 


As of now, SAP is partnered with a large number of companies out there in the world. As a company that offers multinational consulting services across numerous industries, they were able to go ahead and secure new partnerships in a convenient and an effective manner. Along with these partnerships, the company is offering its range of products and support to the SAP technology. They include vendors of database, networks, storage systems, hardware and mobile computing technologies.

The partner companies are getting the most out of SAP technology that is available to them. In other words, they keep on exploring the capabilities that SAP can offer to them. These products are sold, certified and supported with SAP. Some of the partner companies that are currently working with SAP include GK software, CA technologies and Adobe. SAP will further get into numerous other lucrative partnerships in the future and contribute a lot towards the development of the partner companies in an effective manner.

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