Quora – Company Overview

Quora is a popular question and answer sharing website that you can find out there on the internet. When you take a look at similar websites, you will notice that Quora is the best of its kind. That’s because it provides an ideal environment for the people to raise the questions that they have from the community and discover answers to them. 

Even if you have a question and if you are looking for an answer to it, you will be able to raise it on Quora. Or else, you can browse through the questions that have already been asked from Quora and see if the specific question that you have in your mind has been answered before. 

The company managing Quora is Quora Inc. It is based in Mountain View in California. 

History of Quora

Quora was discovered by two individuals, who have worked for Facebook. It was Charlie Cheever and Adam D’Angelo who discovered Quora. The origins of Quora took place in the year 2009. However, it took quite some time for the very first question to be asked and answered on Quora.

Charlie Cheever, who was one of the founders behind Quora has been spending lots of time trying to locate an answer to a question. That’s where he decided to consult his friends. Upon consulting the friends, he ended up getting 5 to 6 finalists. That’s where he decided to settle down with Quora. The name picked for Quora is based upon Quiver. In fact, Quiver was the very first name given to Quora as well.

Back in the year 2010, Quora was a successful company. They had around $856 million. Along with that, the company became available for the public. It was able to grab the attention of people because of the visually appealing interface. People found it an easy task to ask their questions and locate solutions to them with the interface available on Quora. 

Along with time, the number of people who use Quora increased. That’s where the number of questions and answers that are available in Quora increased as well. A person who comes to Quora has been spending around 5 to 10 minutes. Along with that, the developers went ahead and did some minor changes, which helped them to create the best possible user experience at the end of the day.

The navigation structure of Quora was redesigned back in the year 2011. In fact, one of the founders behind Quora wanted to make it look pretty much similar to Wikipedia. He was successful with his attempts up to a certain extent. In fact, the changes done to the navigation of Quora helped the founders to increase the overall traffic that is coming into the site. On the other hand, they were also able to increase the total amount of time that a person is spending on Quora as well. 

During 2015, the popularity of Quora further increased. That’s where it started giving a tough competition to Yahoo Answers. Quora was eventually able to win this battle. 

Service offered by Quora

The service offered by Quora is pretty much straightforward. In fact, it is possible to say Quora is a website that is dedicated to sharing questions and answers. In order to deliver a better experience to all the people who use Quora, the founders have developed their own algorithm. This algorithm is quite similar to the Google algorithm. It delivers an enhanced experience to the people who raise questions and discover answers to those questions through this platform.

When you take a look at the home feed of Quora, you will be able to discover a set of recommended questions. Users who have signed up with Quora will be able to use this as their personal timeline. The best thing about this timeline is that they are provided with the opportunity to customize it according to their specific requirements. For example, the users of Quora can determine what questions and answers will be shown. They will be able to pick the interests and Quora will take appropriate measures to showcase only the content that the users are interested in viewing.

 Daily Digest is another useful and prominent feature that you will be able to find in Quora. People who sign up for this option will be able to receive a daily email. This email will contain a set of questions and answers. These questions will be ranked based on the personal preferences of the user. On the other hand, the best answers provided to those questions will be shared with the users as well. Hence, the users don’t need to worry about anything when they are taking a look at these questions and answers that are available on Quora.

You can also find another useful and effective feature in Quora called as related questions. The functionality delivered by this feature is quite straightforward. When you are accessing this feature, you will be able to find the answers to questions that are related to the questions that you have in your interests. However, you need to understand that the display is not tailored to specific users.

You can then find another section called the requested answers. Along with the help of this feature, people who use Quora are provided with the chance to ask a question directly from the other people who are on the platform. Then a person who is in a position to provide the answer to the question will go ahead and submit the answer. It can also provide a great overall experience for the people who are using Quora as a platform. All these features are taking Quora to the next level on the internet.

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