Quanta computers – Company Overview

Quanta computers is one of the leading electronic device manufacturers out there in the world. This company specializes in the process of manufacturing notebook computers. Along with that, the company manufactures numerous other electronic hardware products as well. The company is based in Taiwan. 

One of the most unique qualities that you can find in Quanta computers is that the company doesn’t manufacture and release any products under its own brand. In fact, Quanta computers is engaged in the process of manufacturing products, which are sold under numerous popular brands. Some of the examples for such popular brands include Cisco, Amazon, Alienware, HP, Dell and Apple. In addition to that, brands such as LG, Blackberry, Sun Microsystems and Toshiba are also seeking the assistance of Quanta computers for the production of their hardware devices.

History of Quanta computers

The company was launched back in the year 1988. Barry Lam was the founder of it. He is still heading the company as of now. Throughout the past three decades, we can see how the company has been subjected to numerous changes along with time. For example, the company expanded the business operations to focus more on the development of enterprise network systems. In addition to that, the company started paying attention towards the development of electronics, mobile communication and home entertainment systems. As of now, you will be able to find how Quanta computers is engaged with the process of manufacturing GPS systems. In fact, they manufacture a variety of GPS systems, including in-car Bluetooth GPS systems and handheld GPS systems. These GPS systems are known to deliver a high level of accuracy at all times. 

Quanta computers is the Original Design Manufacturer for a variety of products. Among those products, the XO-1 laptop has received a lot of attention. This laptop is given to the kids who are in need under the One Laptop per Child project. The project was initiated back in the year 2005. As of now, Quanta computers has been able to give more than one million laptops to this project. 

Back in the year 2011, Quanta computers was able to partner along with Facebook for another charity project. This project was named as Open Computer Project. 

When you take a look at notebooks manufactured out there in the world, you will notice that most of them are produced here in Quanta computers. Regardless of the brand and specs, you will be able to find the roots of the laptop to Quanta computers. In fact, Quanta computers is holding more than 30% of the market share for laptops that are being used out there in the world.

Products offered by Quanta computers

It is worthy to take a look at some of the most outstanding products that are manufactured by Quanta computers. Then you will be able to get a clear understanding on what this company is up to. Along with that, you can also determine how Quanta computers has been able to create an impact on the consumer electronics market as well.

  • Apple Watch

Apple Watch is a revolutionary product manufactured by Quanta computers. From Apple Watch Series 1 to latest Apple Watch Series 5, every single product was manufactured by Quanta computers. As of now, Quanta computers is engaged in the process of manufacturing the upcoming Apple Watch Series 6. Apple Watch is one of the most sophisticated smartwatches that you can find out there in the world. Quanta computers has been able to contribute heavily towards the manufacturing process of this sophisticated smartwatch. It is a clear example available to show the quality that Quanta computers maintains at the time of manufacturing products.

  • Apple MacBook Air 

Apple MacBook Air is another proud product that Quanta computers is launching to the market. This is a thin notebook, which comes along with powerful specifications. In fact, Apple has been able to introduce innovation into MacBook Air with the help of Quanta computers. The thin profile that comes along with Apple MacBook Air is a perfect example available to showcase how the company is able to focus on innovation and deliver quality products to the market.

  • Apple MacBook Pro 

Apple MacBook Pro is a powerhouse. Quanta computers is the company that is engaged with manufacturing this powerful notebook as well. One of the best things about Apple MacBook Pro computers is that they are designed to last for a longer period of time. Due to the same reason, people tend to purchase those notebooks as well. The efforts made by Quanta computers have contributed towards the durability of those products.

  • ThinkPad Z60m

Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks are quite popular out there in the world as well. In fact, people heavily tend to use these notebooks for business purposes. If you are looking forward to get a reliable notebook, which can cater to all your extensive needs for a longer duration of time, ThinkPad lineup is a great option to consider. Quanta computers is responsible for the manufacturing of all ThinkPad notebooks to the market.

Achievements of Quanta computers

Back in the year 2010, Quanta computers was able to get into the top 400 enterprises out there in the world. In fact, Quanta computers was able to secure 327th position. Likewise, Quanta computers was able to become the top ranked company selected by World Magazine for the enterprise reputation. This happened in the year 2009. In the same year, the company was able to become the top tech company in the world as well. Likewise, Quanta computers was able to earn fame as the most respected enterprise in the world during the year 2008. 

Quanta computers is continuing all the good work along with time. In fact, they are launching the best notebook computers for people who are in need of them. Hence, any person who wishes to buy a notebook can make the decision to move forward with the brands that work along with Quanta computers. 

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