Qualcomm – Company Overview

Qualcomm, which is also known as Qualcomm Incorporated is a telecommunications equipment and semiconductor company that is based in United States of America. This is one of the largest multinational companies that you can find within the country as well. This company is currently engaged in the process of designing and marketing wireless communication services and products for the people in need.

One of the main business focus areas of Qualcomm is to manufacture computer chips. In fact, the company is manufacturing chips in bulk. They have the patented license to offer those services for the people in need. Headquarters of Qualcomm is located in San Diego in California. In addition to that, you will be able to discover the facilities of Qualcomm in 224 other locations around the world as well. 

Qualcomm Incorporated is made from a large number of subsidiary companies. They include Qualcomm Technology Licensing, which focuses on offering patent licensing businesses and Qualcomm CDMA that offers related products and services. You will also be able to find Qualcomm Technologies Inc., which focuses on all the research and development initiatives of the company.

History of Qualcomm

Qualcomm founded as a company back in the year 1985. For this inception, seven Linkabit employees collaborated. The team of seven was guided by Irwin Jacobs. The main reason why Qualcomm selected its name like that is to signify Quality Communications. This company started as a contract search and a development facility. During the early days, primary objective of them was to focus on defense projects and other large scale government projects. However, the focus of Qualcomm increased along with time.

This company was able to marge successfully with Omninet back in the year 1988. It was one of the most successful partnerships. With the help and support of this partnership, the company was able to raise more than $3.5 million in an effective manner. This fund raising helped them to come up with a satellite communication system. The system was designed and developed for the use of trucking companies out there in the world. 

As a company, Qualcomm had only 8 employees in the year 1986. However, the company was able to increase the number of employees up to 620 in the year 1991. This was mainly due to the massive demand that they had towards Omni Tracks. In the year 1989, Qualcomm was able to secure a revenue worth $32 million as well. Out of this revenue, more than 50% came from the Omni Tracks contract.

Role played by Qualcomm behind 3G 

Qualcomm was one of the most prominent companies that played an active role behind the development of 3G networks. In fact, Qualcomm has numerous patents for 3G technology. Along with that, the company was able to secure even better revenues at the end of the day as well.

Products offered by Qualcomm

A large number of products are currently being offered to the market by the experts at Qualcomm. Semiconductors hold a prominent place out of them. They include LTE, UMTS, CDMA and 5G modem chipsets. Along with that, the company is offering SoC products to the market as well. They are coming to the market under the Snapdragon brand. These products are sold to a large number of prominent mobile phone manufacturers out there in the world, including Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony, Microsoft, LG Electronics, Sanyo, Sharp, Motorola and HTC. You will be able to find these chips in most of the mobile phones that are available for purchase out there in the market as well. That’s the main reason why Qualcomm was able to gain fame and recognition out there in the world as a prominent semiconductor company. 

However, Qualcomm is not actively engaging with the manufacturing process. While taking a look at the products and services offered by Qualcomm, you need to keep an eye on this fact as well. In fact, they are powering up a large number of devices and handsets that are used out there in the world. The brand is dominating both UMTS and CDMA markets.

According to the statistics of 2017, Qualcomm was there within the top five semiconductor manufacturing companies out there in the world. 

Qualcomm is currently offering server processors to the market. It was back in the year 2005 where the company came up with a decision that they are going to get into the server market. They are currently offering a large number of enterprise level server products. These products are based upon the Falkor CPU. 

Likewise, Qualcomm is offering tracking devices to the people who live out there in the world. These tracking devices are used by both consumers and companies. These tracking devices are well known as Omni Tracs. They are based upon two way satellite communications. Over the road transportation industry was taken to a whole new level with the support and assistance offered by these tracing devices. As of now, more than 1.5 million tracking devices have been sold to people who live in more than 39 countries out there in the world. Along with that, Qualcomm is also offering satellite phones. These satellite phones are one of the most reliable satellite phones available for your purchase in the market.

Qualcomm is not just focusing on the development of hardware devices. The company is currently engaged in the process of manufacturing software applications as well. Q Chat is a perfect example for such a software application. This is a push to talk communications program. It was a two-way communications program, which was powered up with cellular data. 

Likewise, Qualcomm is offering operating systems to the market as well. BREW, which is also known as Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless is a perfect example for an operating system that the company is offering to the market. This is a comprehensive mobile phone platform. It has the ability to approve and deny requests in an effective manner. 

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