Pinterest – Company Overview

Pinterest can be considered as one of the fastest growing social media networks that you can find out there. The company was established back in the year 2012. Even though it has a slow start at the initial days, we can see how the popularity of Pinterest is boosting now along with time. This fact has been proven from the statistical records of Nielson. 

When you take a look at the list of fastest growing social media networks in terms of time spent and audience, you will be able to discover Pinterest topping the list. People in today’s world are provided with the opportunity to use Pinterest for both personal use as well as for business use. It is a social media network that any person can use. 

History of Pinterest

Even though Pinterest was launched in the year 2012, the founders behind this social media network started working on the developments of it in the year 2009. They released a closed beta version of it in the year 2010. They were heavily experimenting with such beta versions before the official launch. That contributed heavily towards the success of Pinterest.

Business strategy of Pinterest

Pinterest has got a unique business model and a business strategy. It is worthy to deep dive and take a look at it as well. Pinterest is an online website, which allows you to save pins. In addition to that, you will also be provided with the opportunity to organize images and videos into different groups. These groups are called as boards within the social media network. 

It is possible for you to go ahead and upload images as well as videos into Pinterest on your own as well. Or else, you can discover images or videos on other websites and then simply add them into Pinterest. Another great feature that you can discover in Pinterest is that it can be used to re-pin your videos and pictures. You will be able to simply re-pin what you can see in Pinterest and use them for taking your initiatives to the next level. 

Who are using Pinterest

The user-base of Pinterest is so diverse and it is quite similar to the level of diversity that can be found within the social media network as well. According to a recent survey published by Neilson, it was figured out that Pinterest was mostly being used by women, who are aged in between 35 to 49. This is quite different from the stats that you will be able to obtain from the other social media networks. 

In most of the instances, people will be using Pinterest to come up with ideas. For example, when a person wants to come up with an idea for a new design, Pinterest may seem as the best option available to go ahead with. Likewise, people who are looking for content ideas and all other types of ideas prefer to go ahead with Pinterest and get their work done. 

Some of the people have the need and preference to share their ideas with others. They are also using Pinterest. In fact, Pinterest provides them with an excellent platform to share the ideas and take their initiatives to the next level. 

Marketing strategy of Pinterest

When you take a look at the marketing strategy of Pinterest, you will notice that they are mainly looking forward to get this platform popular among businesses. That’s because end consumers are not in a position to generate lots of revenue to the company. If Pinterest can be promoted to companies in an efficient manner, there is a high possibility to end up with outstanding returns as well.

One of the key marketing points highlighted by Pinterest is that it is an excellent social media network available to drive traffic. The traffic generated by Pinterest is called as referral traffic. Pinterest is one of the best search engine optimized social media networks. When you look for something on Google, you will come across Pinterest on the top 10 search results at most of the instances. This clearly shows the level of popularity Pinterest is maintaining on the social media networks. Therefore, it can be considered as one of the best sources available to drive traffic with ease. 

Driving traffic with Pinterest is relatively an easy job to do as well. Therefore, any interested business entity will be able to go ahead with. From the recent studies, it has been identified that Pinterest is in a position to drive more traffic to a website when compared to YouTube, Google Plus and LinkedIn as well. 

A person doesn’t need to have a Pinterest page in order to get the most out of the social media network and drive traffic. In fact, Pinterest has made it convenient for everyone. This point is heavily promoted within the promotional campaigns of Pinterest. That’s the main reason why lots of people know about Pinterest as a great method available for them to drive traffic with ease. 

All you have to do is to pin images from the website on Pinterest. If you can spend your time to do it, you will be provided with outstanding results in boosting the traffic. You can do this within a short period of time, without spending lots of time as well as effort. 

On the other hand, Pinterest is marketing their business as an excellent method available for the other businesses available around the world to strengthen their brands as well. In today’s world, strengthening the brands have become a tough challenges for the businesses. This challenge can easily be completed with the support and assistance offered by Pinterest. You can simply create a Pinterest account and get the job done with ease. 

Along with all these great initiatives, the popularity of Pinterest is growing strong. It has already become one of the top social media networks. It will be able to retain its name and reputation in the future as well.

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