Panasonic – Company Overview

Among the electronic product manufacturers based in Japan, Panasonic is one of the most prominent brand names available to be found. The company is selling a variety of products. These products are available to people who are living in numerous parts of the world as well. The products that are available for sale under the Panasonic brand include microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners, telephones, camcorders, Blu-ray players, Bly-ray discs, televisions, telephones, laptop computers, batteries, digital camera, telephones and shavers. Moreover, Panasonic is offering printers, scanners, electronic whiteboards and even semiconductors to the market as well.

All the products offered by Panasonic are designed to enhance the quality of life of its customers. Along with that, Panasonic is looking forward to create a better world with the products that they are launching to the market as well. 

History of Panasonic

Panasonic is a Japanese brand. The company was started in the year 1955. During this time period, there was an urge among people who lived in Japan to rebuild the country after the Second World War. Therefore, the company was able to take advantage out of the situation and get the best support from employees to take the company to the next level. 

The brand was lunched by Matsushita. They wanted to compete with the American brands, which were offering consumer electronics products to the market. In the brand, the word sonic was used intentionally. Sonic refers to sound. The company thought about sticking to the brand because it was the very first company to come up with audio equipment. On the other hand, Panasonic was the first company to sell a bread machine in the world as well.

In the year 2008, Matsushita made an official announcement. In fact, they announced that the name of the company will be changed to Panasonic Corporation. The name change was approved and the team behind Panasonic decided to use the new name from first of October in the same year. 

Panasonic was working hand in hand with the National brand, which was also from Japan. In fact, most of the audio and visual products launched to the market under Panasonic brand were created along with technical expertise shared through these partnerships.

Products offered by Panasonic

Panasonic is one of the most diverse brands in the world. Therefore, you will be able to find how Panasonic is offering a variety of products to the market. Following are the most prominent products out of them. To make the life easy for you, we will be dividing the products to their respective industries. Hence, you will be able to get a clear overview on how the company has successfully ventured into multiple industries to deliver better solutions for all the people who are in need.

  • Connected solutions

One of the core business operations of Panasonic is to deliver connected solutions to the customers. They span across numerous industry segments as well. They include avionics, public, entertainment, logistics and distribution. The connected solutions offered by Panasonic are mainly being used by the B2B clients. They are in a position to take the solutions to the next level with ease through the solutions that are available.

  • Appliances

Panasonic is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic appliances. These electronic appliances are widely being used by people to get their work done with minimum hassle and frustration as well. The electronic appliances offered by Panasonic can be used for home and office. People can use them to get their work done with ease. One of the best things about these appliances is that they are designed to make the life easy for all the users. Therefore, you will never regret about the decisions taken to purchase Panasonic appliances.

Some of the examples for appliances offered under Panasonic include televisions, radios, computers, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators and shavers. They are designed to last for a longer duration of time, while catering to the specific needs of the users as well. 

  • Industrial solutions 

Numerous industries around the world are relying based on the industrial solutions that are offered by Panasonic. Therefore, it can be considered as one of the leading industrial solutions companies out there in the world as well. On the other hand, you will be able to find how the B2B businesses offered by Panasonic are powered up with batteries, electronic materials and the industrial devices that are offered under the brand.

  • Automotive 

Automotive products offered by Panasonic have received a lot of attention. Panasonic is not a brand that focused on the development of automotive goods from the inception. It was introduced to their product lineup in the recent past. However, the company is doing a great job with offering automotive parts and advices for the people who are in need of them. For example, Panasonic is one of the leading suppliers of automotive batteries.

Panasonic also manufacturers innovative solutions and devices, which can benefit the automotive industry at the end of the day. People are provided with the chance to use them while traveling. Moreover, they have created an ideal environment for the development of eco-friendly vehicles as well.

  • Life solutions 

As mentioned earlier, Panasonic is a company that focuses on making the lives of people better. Therefore, the company is currently offering numerous life solutions for the people who are looking forward to get them. You will be able to find how the business is offering numerous electric components. They include construction materials and housing materials as well. On top of that, Panasonic is capable of ensuring comfortable space and time enriched products to benefit the people. They include commercial facilities, offices and houses. Panasonic is currently working hard to take them to the next level and ensure the development of concepts such as smart cities.

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