Palantir [company]

Palantir is a software company based in the US and focuses on big data analytics. The organization founded in 2003 came to life after Peter Thiel and co came together. Formed by 5 founders, the public company is led by Alex Karp as the CEO, doubling up as a founder.

With about 2499+ staff, the company continues to grow. Perhaps one of the driving forces of its growth is the rise of the need for big data analysts in the past few years. With its headquarters in Denver, Colorado, US, reports claim that the leading organization recorded a $1 B revenue. That shows its potential and ability to grow further.


Palantir provides big data science services to leading companies. Some of these services include;

  • Criminal record searches
  • Financial records search
  • A search of medical records
  • And many other records searches including medical, etc.

Besides, the company develops software that empowers companies to perform big data integration and make proper decisions as well as improve their operations.

Some of their major productions include the Foundry system, Gotham, and Apollo. Each of the systems is designed for specific purposes to help clients integrate their systems and make faster decisions. 

For instance, the Foundry OS was meant for modern enterprises. In the emergence of big data, companies need to analyze data fast and make spontaneous decisions. Delayed decision-making could lead to losses or fewer profits.

There’s another Palantir product called Gotham. The operating system was designed for commercial organizations. This OS is focused on improving operations and accelerating decision-making as well.

On the other hand, Apollo was meant for continuous deployments. These are vital needs businesses and organizations rely on today to make their operations smoother and more profitable.

Palantir has more products and services on offer. Each of them is designed specifically to tackle particular business challenges experienced in the world today. Even so slightly different, all these products aim at one thing. And that is accelerated decision making and integrated systems.

Competitive Advantage

Palantir Technologies has managed to beat off competition from different companies. Some of these organizations include Tyler Technologies, Verint, Splunk, Cognizant, and Mu Sigma among others. according to, Palantir has the least number of employees in that list but the second-best retention and employee increase rate.

Interestingly, they have the third-highest number of followers on tweeter at 96.8K but lead in terms of interactivity. Even though they have the least number of posts in a month, they tend to have the highest response rate in terms of likes and comments.

In fact, out of this list of competitors, it is the only organization to have all of its posts bear interactions. But why is this the case? What makes Palantir stand out from the rest?

Palantir runs on minimum costs as well as employee motivation. They have a highly motivated human resource who gives their best to deliver. This has seen them produce some of the best technology services and products you’ll see around.

Their low spend on costs has also seen their net profits go up over the period. The organization also works hard to ensure that there are no backlogs. These timely deliveries have seen their client retention rate rise. As a result, their profit margins stay the same or rise. This has seen stability in the company and makes it easier for their management to plan.

Palantir has also invested in patents. They have 800+ patents and patent applications. This has seen them protect their innovations and generate income from there. The company also has a significant capital amount that has seen them acquire the best resources to run their business.

Target Market

The company targets organizations looking for software that will help them integrate their data more effectively. This will help them make better decisions and do their operations in a more streamlined manner.

In that regard, the company has made strategic moves to meet the needs of its clients. Some of the strategic decisions include putting up subsidiaries to ensure every client gets specialized services to meet their specific needs.

FT Technologies, Inc., Kimonolabs, Inc., Pts Sweden Ab, Makeover Inc., and Propeller Inc. are some of the most popular subsidiaries under this platform. The others include Palantir Technologies Japan and Silk.

Some of Palantir’s clients include banks, hedge funds, and financial service providers. It is important to understand that these are organizations that have to be quick in decision-making. The niche is quite competitive and that is why they should act fast.

For instance, Morgan and Chrysler are two of the most popular Palantir clients using the Foundry system developed by this organization. The two organizations may be in different fields but the need to make faster decisions while utilizing big data unites them with Palantir.

Website Experience

Owning a website is almost a must-have requirement in the world today. the world has become a global village and that’s why an Indian would want to buy a South African product. Or an American company would ship their products to the furthest country in the East.

Well, an online website will help a company market its product more. Besides, clients are out to find details about an organization online before choosing to buy the product or invest in the company.

The official site of Palantir is The site is user-friendly and responsive. It has all the information you need to know about this company. The site has played a major role in feeding users with real-time information about the organization.

In cases where clients need help from the provider, they can easily get assistance from this company. You do not need any expertise to access that site.

Bottom Line

Palantir has placed itself strategically in the online space providing important software services to its clients. The provider recently partnered with the International Business Machines (IBM) to make itself more competitive. The move will see easier development processes for AI-integrated apps. Time will tell the benefits of this move. Meanwhile, Palantir continues to lead in the software development niche. The organization faces stiff competition from the rest but continues to stand strong.             

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