Nvidia – Company Overview

Nvidia is a leading company that manufactures mobile technologies, graphic processors and even desktop computers. The brand has been able to earn lots of positive reputation for the graphics cards that are released to the market. If you are looking forward to spend your money and purchase high quality graphics cards, you can settle down with what is shared by Nvidia without keeping any doubts in mind. These graphics cards are in a position to cater the intensive requirements of people who need to get an enhanced performance with their in-demand activities such as gaming and video editing.

This is an American technology company. Headquarters of the company is located in Delaware. The graphics processing units manufactured under the Nvidia brand are ideal for both professional and gaming markets. On the other hand, they are manufacturing system on a chip units, which are ideal for the automotive market and mobile computing needs. The primary GPU line offered by Nvidia is called as GeForce. It is in direct competition with the Radeon GPUs that are offered by AMD. 

During the recent past, Nvidia expanded its presence to the gaming industry. In order to do that, the company launched a variety of portable and handheld gaming devices. In addition to that, they were able to come up with a new Android TV as well.

From the year 2014, the management at Nvidia wanted to diversify the business. Along with that, we could see how numerous new products were added to the lineup of products that are available for sale under the brand. Along with these new product additions, it was also possible for us to see how innovation comes into play for the products that come along under Nvidia brand. 

We can now see Nvidia playing a dominating role in the mobile computing market. That’s because the company is engaged in the process of manufacturing Tegra mobile processors for the tablets and smartphones. They are widely being used in the automobile entertainment and navigation systems as well. 

History of Nvidia

The roots of Nvidia go back to the early 1990s. This is where three co-founders hypothesized the ideal direction for the next wave of computing. They wanted to make sure that they are coming up with a high quality and a highly effective graphics processor, which can be used to cater all the demanding requirements that come from the clients. The three were able to do that with the formation of Nvidia.

Nvidia Company was officially launched on 5th of April in the year 1993. Along with that Jensen Huang started working as the CEO. He had previous experience in working for a microprocessor designing company. He co-founded the company with Chris Malachowsky and Curtin Priem. They had a considerable amount of industry experience and knowledge as well. Hence, the combined effort of these three individuals ended up with fruitful results at the end of the day.

The company didn’t have to struggle too much during the initial days as well. That’s because they were able to secure a venture capital funding amount of $20 million. 

GPU Technology Conference

Nvidia is one of the most prominent brand names that you can find in the world of GPUs. The brand is interested in coming up with the best quality GPU products as well. In the meantime, the brand wishes to enhance awareness about GPUs and the upcoming trends. That’s the main reason why it takes a leading role behind the organizational activities of GPU Technology Conference

GPU Technology Conference is a series of technical conferences. These technical conferences are being held in all parts of the world. The concept originated in San Jose back in the year 2009. The initial objective of GPU Technology conference was to solve the challenges that come up with GPUs. In the recent years, we were able to see how Nvidia is driving the GPU Technology Conference more towards the different applications of deep learning and artificial intelligence. In fact, the company is now paying special attention towards healthcare, self-driving cars and high performance computing. The last year’s conference was a success and it was able to attract more than 8,000 attendees from all parts of the world.

Product family of Nvidia

It is worthy to take a quick look at the product family of Nvidia as well. Then you will be able to get a better overall understanding on what this brand is capable of offering to the market. The product family of Nvidia is mainly made out of graphics cards. In addition to that, you will be able to discover PC processors, wireless communication methods, and automobile software and hardware as well.

When it comes to the Nvidia Graphics cards, the consumer oriented graphics cards are released to the market under the GeForce lineup. In addition to that, Quadro is one of the most prominent product lineups that the brand is offering. It provides much-needed support and assistance with computer aided design. Along with that, it can also provide support with graphics processing products and digital content creation as well. 

During the recent past, Nvidia came up with NVS, which is a multi-display business graphics solutions. It is one of the most outstanding solutions available out there to consider. Moreover, the brand came up with Tegra, which is a unique and a one of a kind system on a chip series, which can be used on the mobile devices. 

Tesla is one of the outstanding products that Nvidia released to the market as well. It is dedicated to the general purpose GPU applications. On the other hand, there is a possibility to go ahead and use Tesla in the high-end image generation related applications as well. Numerous scientists are getting the maximum benefit offered by Nvidia.

We can expect Nvidia to continue their trend with diversifying product portfolio in the future and coming up with even better products as well.

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