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Nokia is a multinational IT and telecommunications brand that is originated in Finland. It also offered consumer electronics products to the people in need as well. This is one of the oldest companies that you can discover as of now as well. In fact, the company was founded back in the year 1865. The headquarters of Nokia is located in Espoo. 

According to recent statistics, more than 100,000 people are working for the Nokia brand. They include people from more than 100 different countries across the world. Nokia has its businesses in over 130 different countries as well. The average annual revenue of the company is around 23 million Euros. It is currently a public limited company.

People who live in Finland consider Nokia as national pride. That’s because it became the largest and the most popular mobile phone brand in the entire world. The brand of Nokia was able to make Finland popular among people in different parts of the world. During the telecommunications bubble that took place in 2000, Nokia became the largest exporter in the country. It was equivalent to 4% of the entire GDP of the country as well. 

History of Nokia

Nokia was initially launched in the year 1865. A Finnish engineer named Fredrik Idestam was the founder of this brand. However, Nokia was not a technological company back then. Fredrick established a pulp mill, which was located in Tampere in Finland. The pulp mill was successful, and he was able to establish the second one as well. This is how the company was started.

Along with time, Nokia started manufacturing and trading many different products. For example, they started offering rubber products to the market by the year 1922. 

During the 1930s, Nokia was able to start manufacturing respirators. These respirators were used by both civilians as well as military personnel.

Nokia was able to purchase the computer division of Ericsson by the year 1988. Along with that, the company was able to get into the technological industry. However, they were able to start manufacturing mobile devices and get into the telecommunication industry in the previous year.

Nokia was the most popular mobile phone brand in the early 2000s and late 1990s. Among the mobile phones that were sold worldwide, a considerable percentage were under the Nokia brand name. However, Nokia had to face tough competition from China. Due to the same competition, they were forced to give up the manufacturing of mobile phones. In fact, Nokia was not able to compete with the low cost of production in China. On the other hand, Nokia failed to adapt according to changes in the market as well.

As of now, Nokia is mainly a networking company. It is one of the leading companies that invest in the 5G technology.

Products and services offered by Nokia

Here’s a quick overview of the products and services offered by Nokia to the consumers out there in the world as of now. 

  • Nokia Networks 

As mentioned earlier, Nokia is mainly working as a networking company as of now. Nokia Networks is the largest division of the company. It is a multinational telecommunications equipment and data networking company. The headquarters of the company is located in Espoo. The networking services provided by Nokia are currently being used by more than 150 different countries worldwide.

Nokia Networks offers both fixed network infrastructure as well as wireless infrastructure. In addition to that, network service and communications platforms are offered under the brand as well. The company focuses on GSM, 3G, EDGE, Wi-MAX, CDMA, LTE, and 5G. Therefore, it has been possible for the brand to deliver the incoming requirements related to multi-access capabilities and services.

  • Nokia Technologies

Nokia Technologies is another prominent division that you can find under Nokia. It is offering license technologies and consumer products. These products and services include the Nokia brand. The division is focusing heavily on the development of power management, wireless connectivity, sensing, and imaging materials. In addition to that, Nokia has an IP licensing program as well.

Nokia Technologies is made out of three different labs. They include the Nokia Radio Lab, Nokia Media Technologies Lab, and Nokia Sensor and Material Technologies Lab. These labs are catering to different needs that are coming from the clients. 

  • Nokia Bell Labs 

Nokia Bell Labs is the research and development arm that belongs under the brand. This is a global venture capital firm. It focuses heavily on the investments that are related to the growth stage. In fact, Nokia is interested in funding companies related to mobile technology and the Internet of Things. It is holding investments throughout China, Europe, United States, and even India. The portfolio of Nokia comprises companies that have mobile technologies that operate in areas such as consumer IoT, digital health, and connected enterprise. It offers hundreds of millions of dollars to the companies that fall under the above-mentioned sectors per year. Such companies thrive with the support that is delivered to them by Nokia. 

  • Nuage Networks 

Nuage Networks is another arm of Nokia, which offers software-based networking solutions. This was formed as an offspring of Alcatel back in the year 2013. One of the initial objectives of Nuage Networks was to develop hybrid clouds to ensure automating. As of now, Nuage networks is offering public cloud infrastructure. These are powered up with the data centers that are located in China.

  • Alcatel Mobile

Since the year 2016, the brand Alcatel Mobile is owned by Nokia as well. It is offering a few mobile phones to the market.

The future of Nokia is in networking. It is the strength of the company, as well. Hence, we will see how Nokia will pay more attention to networking in the future. 

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