Nebula [Company]

Nebula is one of the most prominent companies that specialize in software and hardware technologies. The headquarters of the company is located within California. However, there are offices of it located in Washington and Seattle. 

What is Nebula known for? 

Nebula is well known for the cloud computing hardware appliances that are offered to the market. People can develop a private cloud easily with the service that Nebula is offering. The private clouds offered by Nebula are built upon the OpenStack cloud framework, which is an open-source framework available as of now. It is also open to numerous software projects. 

History of Nebula

The initial name of Nebula was Fourth Paradigm Development. The company initiated its business operations back in the year March 2011. The founder of Nebula was Chris C. Kemp, who was the former Chief Technology Officer who worked for the Nebula Ames Research Center. He was one of the most prominent entrepreneurs with a successful record behind him. This helped him to start the company and take it to greater heights. He also got the help of some of the best talents available t that time to take the company to greater heights.

In May 2011, Nebula was focusing on raising some investments to proceed with its product development initiatives. This is where Nebula could partner up with three of the investors from Google, named David Cheriton, Ram Shriram, and Andy Bechtolsheim. 

By fall 2012, Nebula was able to secure success by raising $25 million of investments, which helped the company to reach greater heights. This is where the team would kick start their development projects and proceed with them while delivering profitable returns to the people. The company was made publicly available on the 2nd of April 2013. 

The cloud computing platform of Nebula

Nebula is well known among people all around the world for the cloud computing platform that is offered. This is a robust and highly effective cloud computing platform that is available for you to use as of now. This cloud computing platform was developed to deliver an improved and quantifiable alternative to the development of additional data centers. Creating a data center is something expensive. However, there was a need to develop a large number of data centers, without spending too much money on them. This is where the solutions offered by Nebula came into play.

The solutions offered by Nebula were designed with the assistance of some of the expert NASA scientists as well as researchers. Hence, the solution was filled with innovation. This is one of the main reasons why the company was able to secure so much investor attention within a short period.

As of now, Nebula is functioning in the form of infrastructure as a service company. It is delivering scalable solutions for people to compute and store scientific data. On top of that, we can also see how numerous scientific web applications are stored within the solutions available through Nebula.

The infrastructure as a service platform offered by Nebula delivers the implementation that is needed to provide scalable storage and computer solutions for scientific data. On top of that, it is also assisting to have numerous web-based applications as well.

The infrastructure solution of Nebula is allowing the customers to provision, decommission, and manage the computing capabilities such as storage and virtual machine instances in a perfect manner. This can easily be done via the web interface. Or else, it is possible to use a series of command-line tools to get the job done.

We can also see how Nebula is offering a Platform as a Service (PaaS). This is also providing a great platform for people to go ahead and deploy web services. This platform would be providing an ideal environment to deploy web services securely while adhering to policy-compliant issues. 

How does Nebula facilitate an open government framework? 

One of the main objectives of Nebula was to facilitate the open government framework. The company is capable of reaching its mission perfectly well with the solutions that are made available to the people. That’s because the solutions offered by Nebula are in a position to address the issues that are related to tools, policy, and cultural issues that people have to face when they are adhering to the policies within the organizations.

Nebula will serve as an excellent tool, which ensures the flow of information between public and the NASA. In other words, this would contribute a lot towards the Open Government Plan and the services that are offered with it.

The IaaS of Nebula is capable of making things easy for all the entities who are associated with it. On the other hand, it is also possible to experience a higher level of security when working along with Nebula. This would facilitate data-driven websites, which are encouraging public collaboration and public participation. As of now, Nebula is assisting the groups that are located within NASA to proceed with the provision of resources within a matter of a few minutes. This will help them to stay away from the extensive and lengthy procurement procedures. Likewise, it is also possible to make life easy when going ahead with security and certification processes as well. This would eventually contribute a lot towards the success of computing infrastructure.

Final words

As of now, Nebula is one of the most prominent companies that help NASA to proceed with its initiatives. On the other hand, the company is assisting with over 3,000 external-facing websites that NASA is having. We can also see how Nebula is opening its doors to collaboration and crowdsourcing along with time. The flexibility of Nebula will be able to provide all the support that is needed by it when moving forward. 

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