Motorola – Company Overview

Motorola is a company that is engaged with the process of connecting people via technology. It has been able to secure excellent results by delivering outstanding connectivity services for the people who were in need of them. In addition to that, it is possible to see how both personal and commercial customers in all parts of the world are using the products and solutions developed by Motorola to get their work done on a regular basis. 

Motorola is offering the best solutions for highly connected teams. In other words, teams will be able to stay connected well throughout with the solutions that Motorola is offering to the market. Motorola was a multinational telecommunications company. The company is headquartered in United States. It is one of the oldest telecommunication companies as well. Roots of Motorola go all the way back to the year 1928. The headquarters of Motorola is located in Illinois State.

As a company, Motorola had to struggle a lot during the recent past. For example, the company lost around $4.3 billion from the year 2007 to 2009. That was a major loss for the company and the team is still trying to recover the negative consequences created by it. Along with this difficult time, the company was divided into two different companies. These two companies are currently operating as two independent and public companies. They include Motorola Solutions and Motorola Mobility.

Motorola Solutions is pretty much similar to Motorola. Therefore, you can even consider it as the direct successor of Motorola as well. However, numerous changes were implemented in the company structure, along with the lessons that the team learnt from their failures in the past. 

On the other hand, Motorola mobility was not doing well, even if it started as a new business venture. Due to the same reason, it was sold to Google back in the year 2012. Two years later, Motorola Mobility was purchased by Lenovo. 

Motorola is a company that has maintained a strong positive reputation for the manufacturing of wireless networking equipment. For example, the company manufactured signal amplifiers and base stations. Moreover, the broadcast and home network products offered by Motorola included digital video recorders, set top boxes and network equipment, which were used to enable video broadcasting. On the other hand, the company offered high definition televisions and computer telephony solutions to the market as well.

The company had both business and government clients. They relied on the wireless broadband and voice systems developed by Motorola. In fact, they were able to construct private networks in an effective manner with the support of these systems. In addition to that, it is possible to see how Motorola came up with numerous public safety communication systems, such as DImetra and Astro as well. These products are still functional and they are managed by Motorola Solutions. 

History of Motorola

As mentioned earlier, Motorola was launched back in the year 1928. It was Galvin Manufacturing Corporation, which took the initiative to go ahead and launch business operations of Motorola. Joseph E. Galvin and Paul V. Galvin were two brothers, who laid the foundation stone for the development of a company called Motorola. They were able to receive successful results.

The very first products offered to the market under Motorola brand included devices, which gave life to battery powered radios and battery eliminators. People were able to use them with household electricity without going through any hassle. However, it didn’t take a long time period for the sale of battery eliminators to become obsolete. 

In the meantime, Paul Galvin learnt how to proceed with installing radio sets in cars. Along with that, he was able to challenge the car manufacturers that there is a possibility to develop affordable radio sets and install them in the cars. On the other hand, he was able to install them in many other vehicles as well. The team was successful with doing that. It contributed a lot towards the success of Motorola in the initial days. 

Motorola focused more on developing products related to telecommunications after the Second World War. In fact, Motorola went ahead to develop the Illinois Bell Telephone along with a new car radio telephone. Soon after, Motorola started manufacturing televisions and launching them to the market. These televisions were equipped with cathode ray tubes. To expand the production facilities, Motorola was expanded to Toronto in Canada as well.

In the year 1955, Motorola was able to launch their research and development laboratory in the city of Phoenix. Along with that, it was possible for the brand to focus more on innovation and launch numerous innovative products to the market. This contributed heavily towards the brand awareness. That’s because the company could manufacture many great products within a short period of time. 

Products offered by Motorola

When discussing about the products offered by Motorola, you will notice that there are three main product lineups. They are as follows.

  • Enterprise mobility solutions 

Motorola is offering enterprise mobility solutions with numerous communication networks. These communication networks are used by public and government sectors. Moreover, they are quite popular within the mobility business as well. Motorola was able to develop both digital and analog two way radio, data and voice communication networks. Moreover, it was possible for the company to manufacture wireless infrastructure, advanced data capture and mobile computing products as well.

  • Mobile devices

Motorola is still engaged with the production of mobile devices. They include both wireless and cellular systems. Moreover, it is possible to find numerous Bluetooth accessories being released to the market under the Motorola brand.

  • Home and network mobility 

Motorola is offering end to end systems, which are focused on facilitating communication services, digital entertainment and many other wireless mediums. It was Motorola, which developed a digital video solution for the people who were using broadband access systems and cable networks. Moreover, Motorola is supporting the infrastructure of wireless service providers as well.

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