LinkedIn – Company Overview

LinkedIn is a professional social media network. In other words, it can be called as an employment and business-oriented service. It is possible to access this platform via the mobile app or official website. LinkedIn has been able to become the most prominent professional social media network out there in the world. People who live in every corner of the world tend to use LinkedIn for professional networking purposes. On the other hand, employers and employees are also using LinkedIn. It is possible for a candidate to apply directly for a position advertised on LinkedIn and go ahead with it.

LinkedIn is the most popular platform among headhunters and HR professionals out there in the world. On the other hand, a considerable number of marketers tend to use LinkedIn in order to develop promising partnerships with others, so that they will be able to take their business opportunities to a whole new level. 

As of now, LinkedIn has got more than 630 million registered users. These users are coming from over 150 different countries in the world as well.

A person who is using LinkedIn will be able to create a profile. Then it is possible to add connections to the profile, similar to the other social media networks. On the other hand, the users will be able to have their profiles updated with information related to their careers. Likewise, companies can also create profiles on LinkedIn and share them with the candidates or other people who use LinkedIn for many different purposes.

History of LinkedIn

LinkedIn was founded back in the year 2002. It was Reid Hoffman, who created LinkedIn. He was one of the founding members of PayPal as well. It was soon able to become one of the most popular platforms among people in the world with the inception. In fact, it took only four years for the company to achieve 10 million users. 

As of now, LinkedIn is a public company. It has been able to acquire numerous other business entities as well. Some of the most prominent businesses that LinkedIn has acquired in the past include, Pulse, Slide Share, Connected, Card Munch and Lynda. Along with that, LinkedIn has been able to deliver a better experience to the people who are using this platform for getting numerous activities done. 

Services offered by LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a very important aspect of the modern-day and is one of the essential personal branding tools. With over 400 million users it is very important in maintaining a profile on LinkedIn. The following reasons will show you why this virtual professional network will be important to be maintained in good shape.

LinkedIn has millions of users

Linked in has over 400 million users and is one of the largest professional networks today. If you don’t have a LinkedIn account you will not be taken seriously as a leader

People on LinkedIn will research about you

People will want to know more about you after the first meeting. When using LinkedIn, you have the opportunity to control what these people see.

Your profile will get to the top of Google search

When a person googles your name for the first time your LinkedIn account will be the first to pop up if you have one.

You will be able to stay connected to the world

Having a link in the account will help you connect to the world in a professional manner.

LinkedIn is an ultimate personal branding platform

LinkedIn is one of the best places for you to brand yourself strategically.

In the modern-day, there are several online companies that will optimize your LinkedIn profile. Out of all these expert services Recruit Mantra Consulting Services is one of the experts in professional resume writing services. This company has been in the field of professional resume writing or cover letter writing and LinkedIn profile optimized for quite some time. These professional experts will help you have the best link in the profile you can ever wish to have. With an optimized LinkedIn profile marketing, yourself will be an easy task and it will surely get you to interact with many professionals with common interests as you. Recruit Mantra Consulting Services is professional and knows how to think professionally. They know the correct way of optimizing your profile.

The importance of an optimized LinkedIn profile is very advantageous for everyone. This will show the viewers the professionalism you have and will interact with you more often. It will also be easy for the viewers such as employers to quickly go through your LinkedIn profile due to the optimized nature of it. Many people on the internet have spent hours and hours of their valuable time in optimizing their LinkedIn profile. Many learn the optimizing process by studying the attraction of the viewers to the changes made to the profile. Others go on the internet and learn about the process before making the necessary changes. All these methods to optimize your LinkedIn profile is time-consuming and will go to waste if not done correctly. So it is best to give the optimization process of your LinkedIn profile to people who are professionally trained for optimizing LinkedIn profiles. 

Therefore, it is very clear to you why we need to optimize our LinkedIn profiles. Recruit Mantra Consulting Services has skilled professionals who are fit for the task of optimizing and giving your LinkedIn profile the perfect makeover.

LinkedIn is continuously expanding along with time. It is the most popular network available on the internet for professional networking and it is not possible to locate any other alternative to LinkedIn as of now. Hence, it will be able to hold its dominating position for numerous years to come as well. 

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