Lenovo – Company Overview

Lenovo is a leading technological company, which is based in China. This multinational company has been able to receive a lot of attention in the recent past. That’s because the computer hardware and electronics manufactured by them are being sold in all parts of the world. When you take a look at the products that are manufactured by Lenovo, you will notice that personal computers, smartphones, tablet computers, electronic storage devices, servers, workstations, and IT management software are extremely popular. During the recent past, Lenovo started manufacturing smart televisions as well.

You can call Lenovo as the biggest personal computer sales vendor in the world as of now. The Lenovo ThinkPad personal computer series and Lenovo ThinkBook business computer series are extremely popular. Moreover, Lenovo is offering many other popular computer lines, which include Lenovo Yoga and Lenovo IdeaPad. 

Lenovo is a multinational company. It has operations in over 60 different countries out there in the world. Likewise, the products manufactured by Lenovo are quite popular as well. These products are being sold in over 10 different countries out there in the world.

Lenovo is one of the most popular multi-national technology companies that you can find out there. The company is based in China, whereas the headquarters is located in Beijing. The company is currently engaged in designing, manufacturing, and developing a variety of technological devices. They include electronic storage devices, servers, smartphones, computers, tablets, and IT management software. It is one of the leading personal computer selling brands that you can find out there in the world as of now. The personal computers available for people to buy under the Lenovo brand are quite popular. In fact, Lenovo is offering ThinkBook and ThinkPad business line computers. These computers are ideal for people who are working in the commercial world.

As of now, Lenovo has got operations in more than 60 different countries located out there in the world. On the other hand, Lenovo is selling the products to more than 160 different countries. It is a trusted brand among people. In other words, people don’t tend to think twice before they spend money to purchase what is being made available by the brand. 

History of Lenovo

Lenovo is a company founded by Liu Chaunzhi. He partnered with several engineers to lay the foundation stone of Lenovo. The company started its business operations with a working capital of Yuan 200,000. The incorporation of Lenovo was approved immediately. 

Back in the initial days, Lenovo was focusing more on importing televisions. However, the company was not able to secure positive results with it. That’s where the company refocused on its strategy. This is where they started paying more attention towards the computer market. They did a market research and figured out that personal computers available for the people are not up to quality standards. That’s where Lenovo thought of offering high quality computers. 

In the meantime, Lenovo tried hard to offer a digital watch to the market. However, the company was not able to secure positive results with it as well. 

Lenovo has been struggling a lot during its initial two decades. That’s where they were able to get hold of the personal computer business of IBM. This took place back in the year 2005. Along with this acquisition, Lenovo was able to get into the personal computer market and establish themselves as a dominating brand. In other words, this is where the Lenovo brand started penetrating into the global markets. Along with that, more people around the world started purchasing products that are offered under the Lenovo brand.

Lenovo got into mobile device business as well. In fact, the brand started offering tablets and smartphones to the market from the year 2008. The Lenovo devices didn’t become popular. However, the tablets were able to survive up to a great extent. You will be able to discover Lenovo smartphones and tablets in today’s world as well.

Lenovo was established back in the year 1984. A group of experienced engineers got together and established the company. Liu Chuanzhi led this group. He was a person with a vision. He wanted to transform Lenovo into one of the top brands in the country. He was able to do it within a short period of time.

The initial working capital of Lenovo was just 200,000 yuan. However, the company was able to receive great assistance from the Chinese government. The company didn’t have the best start. In fact, the company started to import televisions into China. However, they failed with their efforts. That’s where they wanted to get into the computer industry. To create the steps on it, the company could develop a circuit board. It provided the IBM compatible personal computers to proceed with processing Chinese characters. 

Little by little, Lenovo was able to start manufacturing personal computers. The very first personal computer manufactured under the brand was a success. This is where Lenovo’s team figured out that they have a bright future ahead of them by continuing to proceed with manufacturing personal computers.

Along with time, Lenovo was able to expand its business operations. One of the most prominent milestones that you can find in Lenovo’s history was the instance where they could purchase IBM. In fact, Lenovo was able to purchase IBM’s personal computer business lineup back in the year 2005. Along with that, the company was able to launch its tablet line and ThinkPad computer line. This is one of the most prominent milestones that we can find in the company’s history, which heavily contributed towards the status of it that we can see as of now. 

According to Lenovo’s founder, the brand was able to benefit from the acquisition of IBM in three different ways. The first benefit was that Lenovo was able to start manufacturing personal computers under the ThinkPad brand. During this time, IBM was equipped with advanced personal computer manufacturing technology. Lenovo was able to get that technology as well. In addition to that, the company could attract international resources with minimum hassle. 

Products and services by Lenovo

As of now, Lenovo has a diversified business. You will be able to find them delivering numerous products and services.  Out of the products and services offered under the business, personal computer products and business computer products have received a lot of attention in the recent past. 

Here are the most prominent products and services that Lenovo is offering to the market as of now.

  • Personal computers 

In the personal and business computer lineup, you will be able to find notebook computers extremely popular. The Yoga and IdeaPad computers are widely being marketed out there in the world. Along with the acquisition of personal computer lineup of IBM, Lenovo was able to take these business operations to the next level with ease.

  • Business computers

Lenovo computers are well-known for their durability. Therefore, it is possible to find how Lenovo has been able to reputation among businesses out there in the world. Most of the businesses are interested in purchasing Lenovo ThinkPad business computers. They come along with boxy black designs. These computers can offer a high level of performance, which can cater to business requirements. These laptops are even being used by the International Space Station. This fact clearly proves how popular and effective the business computers offered by Lenovo are.

Similar to the laptops, the Lenovo ThinkCenter desktop computers are quite popular as well. These computers were initially introduced by IBM. Later Lenovo started manufacturing them. These computers are mid-range ones. However, they come along with decent graphics cards and are compatible with supporting multiple monitors. Therefore, business owners have the ability to get their requirements catered with the support of Lenovo.

The Lenovo ThinkServer products are quite popular as well. They were developed along with an agreement with IBM. Therefore, it is possible to find how these additional features are in a position to provide an excellent assistance to the small scale businesses that exist out there. If you are looking forward to get your hands on a powerful server solution, these server products are ideal. They are in a position to cater to all the requirements that you have as well.

  • Smartphones 

The Lenovo smartphone are still available in the market. The very first Lenovo smartphone came to the market back in the year 2013. Before the introduction of smartphones to the market, Lenovo has been doing well with the sale of tablet computers. 

  • Smart televisions 

As of now, you can find Lenovo smart televisions available for sale in the market as well. The very first Lenovo smart television was launched to the market in the year 2011. Along with that, the brand has been offering numerous smart televisions for the people. The brand is going through a smart transformation, and the smart televisions available to the people are leading that transformation.

  • Wearable devices

Lenovo is currently engaged in the process of developing a smart band. This smart band will have an impressive battery life of up to seven days. Hence, people who wish to get hold of an innovative smart band can buy it. 

The Lenovo smartphones come along with Android operating system. However, you can find how some of the Lenovo smartphones were released along with Windows operating system back in the day. Lenovo came up with an aggressive strategy in order to overcome Samsung and become the best smartphone vendor in China. However, the products lacked innovation and they were not able to retain that popularity. The smartphones offered by Lenovo are still being launched to the market. However, the company is focusing more on the sale of personal computers and business computers, as they have a massive market demand in those segments.

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