Idera [company]

Idera is one of the most reputed companies that focus on the development and delivery of B2B software for the people. It is quite popular for offering database tools. On top of the database tools, Idera is providing access to test management tools, development tools, and even DevOps tools. The headquarters of Idera is located in Houston, Texas. However, it has got offices in the United Kingdom, Austria, and Australia as well.

The focus of Idera

The focus of Idera is to proceed with the development of powerful software. Software applications are developed to solve the complex challenges that customers are going through. To do that, Idera is ensuring that convenient solutions are made available to all the customers.

One of the biggest strengths of Idera is the user communities that it has. Along with the assistance of user communities, it is in a position to develop and deliver top-notch solutions for the people who need them.  There are three million developers and database experts who use the products offered by Idera and support the community. 

Throughout the past few years, Idera has been able to offer some award-winning solutions for the people as well. The SQL database solutions hold a prominent place out of them. On the other hand, it is also worthy to take a look at the data architecture tools because of the level of quality offered by them. Idera is bringing 20 years of experience to database tool development. On the other hand, it is providing access to cross-platform application development as well. This is changing the game for all the users out there.

History of Idera 

Idera started the business operations back in the year 2000. BBS Technologies was the name of this company when it first started. The company was focusing on the process of delivering server-backed software products back in the day. They were made available under the brand name Idera. The main competitor of the business was Red Gate Software.

BBS was able to take ownership of R1Soft, which was a prominent hosting backup provider. This transaction took place in the year 2012. Along with that acquisition, the company was able to move forward with the launch of its continuous data protection product. Along with that, the Idera Server Backup product was made available. This could receive lots of positive attention because of the pay-as-you-go model offered for the users.

Products offered by Idera

Idera is currently offering a large number of products and tools. These products and tools are designed to supplement, support, and augment the capabilities that come along with Microsoft SQL Server. The products include SQL Inventory Manager, SQL Doctor, And SQL Diagnostic Manager as well. On the other hand, we can also see how Idera is offering a SaaS server backup product, which is called SQL Safe Backup. It is providing access to the web hosting providers to ensure continuous data protection for the clients with their backups. We can also see how Idera is offering numerous free-to-use products to the community. SQL Server performance, SQL server diagnostics, and SQL server backup are some of the most prominent solutions out of them.

Idera database management tool 

Idera is providing access to a powerful database management tool. This is one of the most prominent tools that the brand is offering to the market as of now. This database management tool is coming along with powerful software. The main objective of the database management tool is to go ahead and deliver solutions to the customers by addressing the complex challenges that they have to face. To do that, the Idera database management tool is providing access to easy-to-use solutions.

The team behind Idera

One of the biggest strengths that you can find in Idera is the team behind the brand. They keep on offering support and assistance to the people who work hard to ensure the development of the brand. All the people are working along with passion, and it is possible to see how they continue to develop new and innovative products for the people out there.

The team at Idera also focuses on the delivery of valuable tools for the users out there. People who start using the products offered by Idera to the market will be able to rely on them. All their specific challenges are addressed by the team. All the products of Idera are continuously being added with new and innovative features. Hence, it is possible to get some outstanding experiences out of what Idera is offering in the market. 

Most team members behind Idera are from Austin or Houston. However, some of the developers are continuing to support product developments while staying from other parts of the world as well. All of them are providing excellent support to the community and ensure its future progression. 

Final words

Idera is offering software solutions for the technical teams. The solutions offered by Idera are capable of assisting the technical teams to figure out solutions to the complex issues that they encounter when managing data environments. On the other hand, it is also possible to see how Idera is offering access to a large number of productivity tools as well. All these productivity tools are designed to maximize profitability while minimizing risks.

The tools offered under the brand of Idera are in a position to span on-premises or the cloud. Likewise, Idera is offering some hybrid solutions as well. No matter what, all the products will help the users to have complete control over the data management lifestyle. This is providing them an opportunity to address big data challenges that can take place along with time. On the other hand, there is a possibility to convert cost centers into revenue-generating assets as well.

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