HashiCorp – Company Overview

Hashicorp is a leading software company, which is based in San Francisco. This software development company is moving forward with a Freemium business model. It has contributed significantly towards the overall popularity of the company as well.

The word freemium refers to open-source. In other words, Hashicorp is offering a large number of commercial products and open-source tools, which are providing assistance for the operators, developers and security professionals to secure, provision and run cloud computing infrastructure. There will be a possibility to go ahead and integrate this cloud computing infrastructure with many other services. Apart from offering the open-source solutions, Hashicorp is engaged with the process of delivering proprietary products as well. 

History of Hashicorp

Hashicorp Company was started back in the year 2012. Armon Dadger and Mitchell Hashimoto were the founders of this company. The company started its parent office in San Francisco. This office is currently being used as the head office of the company. However, Hashicorp is well-known for hiring remote employees. You will be able to find the employees of Hashicorp distributed across United States and in many other countries around the world, including Europe, Australian and Canada.

The driving factors of Hashicorp

Innovation can be considered as the main driving factor of Hashicorp. In fact, this is a company that moves heavily with innovation. Without innovation, we will not be able to see a company such as Hashicorp achieving such excellent results within a short period of time.

The office that you can see today in Hashicorp is not the same in tomorrow. That’s because the company is investing on innovation every single day. This can deliver a bunch of exciting experiences to the people who are working with them as well. Software applications developed by Hashicorp are equipped with that innovation as well. Hence, it is possible to see those software applications delivering many outstanding performances to the people who are working with them as well. These software applications are future proof as well. In other words, they can easily be deployed into the future without having to worry about anything. 

Hashicorp is not limited to any specific product or a service. They have got their roots all over in the technological world. For example, you will be able to find them offering SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, hybrid cloud, public cloud, private cloud, containers, virtual and physical. Along with that, the engineers at Hashicorp are working with a variety of operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux. Based on what they feel as the best, the developments are carried forward. This contributes heavily towards the quality of the developments at the end of the day as well.

One of the key features portrayed by Hashicorp at the time of tackling projects is to present reliable and practical solutions to them. In other words, the team is not looking forward to span the gaps and increase the complexity. 

Key services offered by Hashicorp

Hashicorp is currently engaged in the process of offering some key automation services. These automation services are quite impressive because they are contributing a lot towards the overall success that Hashicorp is bagging. Here are four of the key automation services that Hashicorp is offering to the industry.

  • Infrastructure automation

Infrastructure automation services are offered through automation of provisioning and compliance management. Cloud infrastructure is heavily leveraged when offering the services. This helps them to offer the services with a common workflow at the end of the day.

  • Security automation

Boosting security has become a major concern among businesses that exist out there in the world. Hashicorp is engaged with offering security automation features as well. This will provide people with the chance to manage the secrets and provide enhanced protection to the sensitive data. These services are offered through workload and user identity to deliver the best possible outcomes at the end of the day.

  • Networking automation 

The networking automation services offered by Hashicorp have also received a lot of attention in the past. That’s because the networking automation services can help to accelerate the delivery of applications. This is done with automating the network, including the virtual appliances, physical devices and the distributed service mesh.

  • Application automation 

Last but not least, it is possible to find Hashicorp offering application automation services for the people. This provides chance to deploy the applications and iterate the safe delivery of progression. 

The Hashicorp Stack 

When you take a look at the products offered by Hashicorp, you cannot ignore the Hashicorp Stack. That’s the most prominent product that Hashicorp is offering. This tool has the ability to deliver a control plane for every single layer that exist on the cloud. As a result, enterprises are provided with the chance to go for the shift to come up with cloud operating model with ease. Every single product is addressing specific organizational a technical challenges that are implemented by the cloud infrastructure automation.  

Hashicorp supports nanodegree 

There are few software development companies, which are supporting the nanodegree initiative. Hashicorp is one perfect example for such a software development company. The nanodegree programs are ideal for the people who are interested in getting into companies such as Hashicorp and work as developers. These initiatives can build the skill and expertise needed for them to come forward and work for companies such as Hashicorp. Therefore, any person who is dreaming to go ahead and achieve that can take a look at the nanodegree program.

The best thing about nanodegree programs is that they are providing a skill based approach to you with learning. Therefore, you will be able to develop your skills as needed to get into the competitive industry and then start working. Hashicorp has taken the initiative to get in developers who are going through such nanodegree programs. Hence, people who do it will have a higher chance of securing top employment opportunities in the industry.  

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